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By Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
EU countries offering residence by investment programmes must ensure a high level of due diligence.
By Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Designed to attract foreign investment and fuel countries' economic growth, the investment migration industry faces increased scrutiny by supranational organisations like the OECD and the EU.
By Silvana Zammit
This newly refurbished framework is to implement a stricter and less bureaucratic regulatory regime, under the supervision of the Malta Gaming Authority.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The Maltese Parliament has approved three Bills aimed at seamlessly regulating DLTs, i.e. blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The Maltese Parliament has been the first to unanimously approve three blockchain bills. The unanimous approval was announced by Hon. Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services...
By Michelle De Maria
If there is one certainty about Brexit, it's the uncertainty that it has ushered in across almost all industries in the UK.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
In less than a year, the UK will make its exit from the European Union bloc.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Malta is a reputable EU jurisdiction and an attractive domicile for incorporating a company and doing business.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
With a pro-business government increasingly taking initiatives that make business and commerce advantageous, Malta is being eyed as the ideal relocation destination in the EU.
By Michelle De Maria
Malta is an attractive and competitive jurisdiction for the registration of private and commercial aircraft.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
Investing in corporate bonds listed on the Malta Stock Exchange has always been popular with Maltese investors. As a result of tighter bank credit, Maltese companies are increasingly opting...
By Steve Muscat Azzopardi
Blockchain technology is transforming the financial services industry and creating opportunities for both new and established players.
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The most suitable definition is "digitized trust". Blockchain is a secured and reliable distributed ledger technology, operating on a peer-to-peer network to be validated without the need for an intermediary...
By Priscilla Mifsud Parker, Sarah Vassallo
A private platform for businesses who provide services to clients
By Steve Muscat Azzopardi, Gabriella Chircop
The CRR determines the exact applicability of the regulation to investment firms by referring to the definition given in MiFID.