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By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor
The Court found that the Applicant had failed to identify the relevance of the requested documents to a matter in issue.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor, Shaun Pryor
The negative environmental impacts were outweighed by the benefits that would result from the development of the mine.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor
The Applicant sought declarations that the Council invalidly levied utility charges for water services on two properties.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor
The Court accepted the Valuer-General's valuation expert's valuation method and dismissed the appeal.
By Nadia Czachor, Ian Wright
The Court preferred the Valuer-General's valuation, rather than the landowner's, which was based on unqualified opinion.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor
The Court dismissed the appeal, as it was satisfied that the rating categorisations of the Council were appropriate.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor, Shaun Pryor
The court (QPEC) found that changes in built form are relevant to whether there has been a material change of use.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor, Daniel Tweedale (Formerly with Colin Biggers & Paisley))
The development conflicted with the local planning scheme and did not demonstrate sufficient grounds to justify approval.
By Toby Blyth, Richard Arrage
The ATO's Black Economy Taskforce has extended the TPRS to encourage businesses to keep sufficient business records.
By Duane Keighran, Douglas Prime
The tenant's decision to enter into a new lease was based on its own misunderstanding of the landlord's representations.
By Timothy Coghlan, Laura Tulloch
Given unique role of Medical Panel, parties should analyse whether they have sufficient grounds for appealing a determination.
By Andrew Tulloch
Considerations of the interplay between state & federal laws will vary depending upon the state in which a claim is brought.
By Carlos Gouveia, Cecelia Collman
Draft determination TD 2018/D3 says that trust split arrangements of the type described will cause a CGT event to arise.
By Duane Keighran, Sydney Abba, Douglas Prime
The reform package will provide a new regulatory framework for short-term holiday letting, such as Airbnb and Stayz.
By Brendan Maier, Douglas Prime
Developers need to be aware of changes to notification requirements for off-the-plan contracts.
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