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By Mathew Deighton, Alice Blackburn
Local governments have the right and the legal power to levy rates and recover overdue amounts from landowners.
By Debbie Kaminskas, Gavin Creighton
Insurers should be aware that issues with an insurance policy wording are usually construed against the policy drafter.
By Andrew Tulloch
Kangaroos are a foreseeable risk for operators of airports in Australia, so operators must take action to minimise risks.
By Andrew Tulloch
The underwriters were entitled to rely upon the exclusion in the policy, so the applicant was not entitled to indemnity.
By Gavin Creighton, Rebecca Hosking, Clare Bonner
Costs should be monitored even in the case of a section 215 early payment to the court and discharge of liability. .
By Greg McCann
Contractors should implement their WHS management plan to help minimise risk exposure and maintain a safe work environment.
By Toby Blyth
Government looks to improve Australia's financial system with new laws giving ASIC significant new regulatory powers.
By Tom Langsford
The courts do not have the jurisdiction to quash adjudication determinations for non-jurisdictional errors of law.
By Carlos Gouveia
Buyers of new residential premises or new residential subdivisions will be required to remit GST on the purchase price.
By Chris Rumore
These recent changes announced by NSW Land Registry Services affect new strata plans and paper certificates of title.
By Ben Rissman
Employer successful in application for judicial review of determination of medical panel.
By Chris Rumore, Maryanne Pollifrone
A poorly prepared will can result in additional cost to the estate.
By Greg McCann
Employers should review wording of their abandonment of employment clauses. .
By Dalvin Chien, Jarrod Tucker, Carlita Bloecker
The scheme aims to allow individuals the opportunity to protect themselves against misuse of their personal information.
By Chris Rumore, Maryanne Pollifrone
Most people do not think about an estate after death, until they deal with the death of a loved one or act as executor.
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