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By Joel Woolf
The dust has settled a little following the publication and second reading on 10 October 2018 of the Agriculture Bill 2018 which now enters the committee stage.
By Stuart Thwaites
It is the often the case that sub-contractors believe they are covered by project insurance where sub-contractors, as a general category, are a named class under the project insurance.
By Sandra Piaskowska
This was a professional negligence claim brought by the claimant, a national housebuilding company trading as Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes ("BDW"), ...
By Justin Creed
When the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal decision that Tini Owens could not be granted a divorce because she failed to meet the legal test that her marriage had broken down irretrievably...
By Tara Goodwin
In the recent decision in the case of Dobson v Griffey, the High Court considers whether a co-habitee has a beneficial interest in a property owned solely by her partner.
By Susan Hopcraft
Legal claims for damages can be lost if they are not brought in time. Your solicitor should make sure that doesn't happen ...
By Susan Hopcraft
Claims for breach of contract must be made within 6 years of the breach. A claim form must be served within four months of issue.
By Philip Harris
A contractor or designer can become liable for design in three main ways
By Wright Hassall LLP
As most people know, Japanese Knotweed (JKW) is a particularly pernicious weed that can cause considerable damage to buildings and land and is notoriously difficult and expensive to eradicate ...
By Alison Pearce, Caroline Benfield
The financial pressures on sixth form and further education college funding have been steadily building for a decade or more; indeed the Institute for Fiscal Studies has noted that, as a sector ...
By Paula Tighe
This short guide sets out the key changes that the GDPR has made to the UK data protection regime, what sports clubs need to do to comply with data protection law and relevant examples of how GDPR applies to sports clubs.
By Jeanette Whyman
It is exceptionally rare for a doctor to be convicted in a criminal court for gross negligence manslaughter which is why the case of Dr Bawa-Garba,
By Joanna Deffley
In simple, practical terms, overage is a future payment to be made to the seller of land, by the buyer of land.
By John Gregory
A recent appeal decision relating to the removal of an agricultural occupancy condition reflects the importance of ensuring that the asking price is realistic and that a proper marketing exercise...
By Jeanette Whyman
The jury remains out on the efficacy of screening programmes generally, and on breast cancer screening specifically.
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