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By Lorna Payne
After sorting through emails, tidying out drawers and purchasing a gym membership to kick-start 2019, now could be the time to look at organising a will.
By Tara Goodwin
It is not unusual for property to be co-owned by family members within a farming family, regardless of whether or not those members are actively involved ...
By Paul Slinger
The death of the smash and grab adjudication was widely reported in 2018 but has perhaps been exaggerated to grab the headlines.
By Hazel Wells
As a new year has begun, it is an auspicious time for businesses to consider how they can go through a bad debt detox.
By Iain Johnston
The recent BBC Panorama programme on HS2 highlighted significant concerns that the project is over budget and that defective measures have been used in calculating the costs of the acquisition
By Susan Hopcraft
If solicitors fail to do their job properly, with the result that a fraudulent transaction is not carried out as intended, are the solicitors still liable?
By Susan Hopcraft
The basic concept of a SIPP is that an individual can choose the investments which form the assets in his or her pension.
By Joel Woolf
Today the Government has advised all business to prepare for a no deal Brexit; so much for "keep calm and carry on". But what about farmers?
By Matthew Davies
A leading business immigration lawyer says concerns over the Government's white paper on immigration are being heightened by ‘political scaremongering'.
By Jon Clifford
Tenancies created under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 (‘AHA') allow agricultural holdings to be let by the land owner to a tenant.
By Wright Hassall LLP
A clinical negligence lawyer at a leading Midlands law firm is urging Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust to review the training of their maternity staff immediately to improve patient safety.
By Wright Hassall LLP
A leading law firm has assembled a team of top solicitors in a bid to help homeowners, landowners and business owners fight to get the right compensation for their property acquired by HS2 or where it has been adversely affected by HS2 under certain criteria.
By Jon Clifford
One of the reasons for the introduction of the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 ("the 1995 Act") was to counter some of the more burdensome provisions ...
By Wright Hassall LLP
An expert in wills and probates has said that controversial Government changes to probate fees ‘could be seen' as a tax aimed at the wealthy.
By Susan Hopcraft
Independent financial advisers often operate as small businesses. They are regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and must be authorised to advise on investments.
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