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By Fiona Killen
Watching from the wings, as most of us are, albeit sometimes reluctantly, we continue to witness the slow-motion car crash that is the Brexit process in the UK Parliament.
By Neil Amner
There is potential for winners and losers from the revised tariffs, which are intended to be temporary.
By Janice Jones
No-one enters a marriage intending or planning to separate, however when you find yourself in this position it can help to know what you should be thinking about when you embark on the divorce process
By Deborah Lovell
Ever since the Brexit starting gun was fired back in June 2016 there has been much speculation surrounding the impact that exiting the European Union will have on business in Scotland.
By Colin Henderson
Following on from the Scottish Government's 2015 consultation on the law of succession (the response to which was released at the end of last year), a further consultation paper has now been launched.
By Pat Loftus
The Scottish Government has announced a reduction in the thresholds for mandatory use of project bank accounts (‘PBAs') ...
By Adele Nicol
We previously reported that the Tenant Farming Commissioner had recommended various changes to modernise the statutory list of improvements to agricultural holdings.
By Anderson Strathern LLP
The latest SCC Quarterly Economic Indicator survey for Q4 of 2018 shows Brexit uncertainty and rising cost pressures take toll on the Scottish economy as investment slows down.
By Douglas McLachlan
‘Be careful what you wish for' is often said to be an ancient Chinese proverb and, as we enter the Year of the Pig ...
By Gary Burton
The Court of Session has dismissed an appeal brought by a nurse (PB) against a decision of the Nursing and Midwifery Council's Fitness to Practise
By Katrina Lumsdaine
If you are considering raising an action to rectify a will this case, outlining the first decision under Section 3 of the Succession (Scotland) Act 2016, will be of interest.
By Neil Amner
Whilst political turmoil around Brexit continues, we have produced the following checklist for you to identify the aspects of your business which may be impacted by Brexit (in whatever form it ultimately takes).
By Neil Amner
It has been well documented that SMEs are vital drivers of Scotland's economy and we have a healthy and diverse private economy.
By John Mitchell
What are the main Brexit concerns and opportunities for Scotland's farms and rural estates? Farmers unions have welcomed the progress made on reaching a deal.
By Neil Amner
One of the UK's most monumental votes of all time takes place on the 15th January at the House of Commons in London.