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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Maya Medeiros
A recent UN study reveals that rapid growth of social networks and e-commerce platforms has driven financial inclusion, economic activity and security in practically all countries and in particular China.
By Jordan Plener
Earlier this year, KPMG released its Mining M&A Newsletter for the second half of 2016.
By Erika Lambert-Shirzad
In March 2017, Parliament gave third reading to Bill S-201, also known as the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act.
By Mark Edward Davis, Amy Grenon
While Canadian trademark owners can enforce their rights without obtaining a registration, there are a number of significant advantages to registering a trademark in Canada, including:
By Mélissa Devost
The Canadian Minister of the Environment and Climate Change was tasked with reviewing the environmental assessment processes set out in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.
By Véronique Barry, Gregory Bordan
The Regulation respecting calls for tenders for certain medications covered by the basic prescription drug insurance plan (the Regulation) came into force on April 20, 2017, supplementing provisions in An Act respecting prescription drug insurance that were added by Bill 81.
By Christopher Guerreiro, Tracey Stott, Judith Robinson
The Federal Court of Appeal has provided guidance on the meaning of "inventive concept."
By Brian Chau
This post is directed to entrepreneurs and developers who are building platforms incorporating features of social media networks, or building their own social media technologies, regarding design protection requirements in Canada.
By Daniel Daniele
With the proliferation of so-called "fake news", companies are starting to rely on third party organizations to perform a "fact checking" function in order to distinguish between legitimate news and fake news.
By Brian W. Gray, Claude Brunet
In Trader v CarGurus, 2017 ONSC 1841 (CanLII), the Ontario Court of Justice has opined on a number of points arising out of the 2012 copyright amendments introduced by the Copyright Modernization Act.
By Alexandra Aversa, Oliver Moore
The Forfeited Corporate Property Act, 2015 recently came into force, amending numerous provisions of the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and thereby creating additional...
By Jillian Hyslop, Kristin Wall, Brian R. Daley
The Federal Court of Appeal allowed Apotex's appeal, in part, from the Federal Court decision that found Apotex was entitled to damages for misfeasance of public office and negligence ...
By Carole Gilbert
The Canadian Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA) came into force in June 2015, imposing reporting obligations on certain Canadian businesses engaged in the commercial development of oil, gas or minerals in Canada and abroad.
By Daniel Daniele, Amy Grenon, Allyson Whyte Nowak
The Federal Court established the parameters to calculate Teva Canada Limited's damages for being delayed from entering the olanzapine market, clarified evidentiary issues on fact witnesses and hearsay...
By Philippe Bélisle
On April 13th, the federal Liberal government tabled the much anticipated Cannabis Act. While many recreational marijuana users now have reason to rejoice, employers across the country are left with unanswered questions as to how the upcoming legalization will affect the workplace.
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