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By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Kirsty Sutherland
The director could not take a valid assignment of the statutory claims, so could not be substituted into the proceeding.
By Andrew McCormack, Milaan Latten
A number of changes to the BIF Act have been passed so that industry participants understand their new obligations.
By Jurgen Bebber, Gabriella Bornstein
The domain was briefly available for purchase in an expired domain auction for a bargain price.
By Eddie Scuderi, Jodie Burger, Viva Paxton
Article discusses three ideas to achieve reductions in recidivism.
By Andrew McCormack, Victoria Thurston
The ability of a contract counterparty to rely on ipso facto clauses that are triggered by an insolvency event is now limited.
By Arvind Dixit, Phillip Catania, Theonie Scott, Allison Inskip
When representing products and services via promotions or offers to consumers, businesses should avoid certain issues.
By Helen Clarke, Viva Paxton
The report made several recommendations to change the way entities bound by the IP Act deal with personal information.
By Richard Leder, Sanjay Schrapel, Conor O'Beirne
A plaintiff can elect that their defamation claim is heard by a jury simply by filing their claim in the Federal Court.
By Andrew Chew, Jodie Burger, Sarah Clouston
The MAC Protocol establishes an international legal framework to finance mining, agriculture and construction equipment.
By Michael Earwaker, Thomas Denehy
This Bill includes a number of changes to the legislation that will impact all parties in the NSW construction industry.
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Kirsty Sutherland
In other circumstances, it could be appropriate for the administrator of the company to be appointed as the liquidator.
By Joseph Barbaro, Meri Siracusa
Article discusses the common issues with construction contracts and how to avoid these pitfalls.
By Andrew Chew, Jodie Burger, Jennifer Gamble
Australian businesses now have greater access to an independent complaints process in relation to government procurement.
By Brent Lillywhite, Carolyn Taylor, Lauren Hickling
Local government prohibited from changing its position in a conditions appeal without providing adequate explanation.
By Cameron Cheetham, Jade Rowarth, Kirsty Sutherland
Administrators approached court for orders to justify their continuation of inter-company loans & to limit personal liability.
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