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By Joseph Herriges, Phillip W. Goter
After years of development, 5G technology is now gradually being rolled out around the globe. This past April, Verizon launched limited 5G networks in parts of Chicago and a few other locations.
By Phillip W. Goter
Autonomous vehicle (AV) legislation has been active at the federal and state levels. Congress recently revisited federal autonomous vehicle legislation, after last year's stalled efforts.
By Matthew C. Berntsen
This post is a part of a monthly series summarizing notable activity in patent litigation in the District of Massachusetts, including short summaries of substantive orders.
By Keith Barritt
Unlike in most countries, in the United States trademark registrations are supposed to reflect marks actually in use in commerce.
By Fish & Richardson
The past several years arguably have been some of the best for the cannabis industry since marijuana was originally criminalized in the early 20th century.
By Fish & Richardson
A newly-revived Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property recently concluded a series of hearings regarding a legislative proposal to significantly alter § 101 of the Patent Act.
By Noel F. Chakkalakal
The court found none of the remaining private factors favored venue transfer. Id. at 5-8.
By Keith Barritt
The problem arises in two main contexts.
By DJ Healey, Khanh V. Nguyen
The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) applies only to acts of misappropriation occurring on or after May 11, 2016.
By Ann Motl
Businesses invest significant time and resources toward creating and maintaining customer lists.
By Annie Hartnett, Kristen McCallion
Following on the heels of Matal v. Tam in 2017, the Supreme Court on Monday issued a 6-3 opinion in Iancu v. Brunetti striking down the Lanham Act's prohibition on "immoral" and "scandalous" trademarks, ...
By Ann Motl, Chloe Margulis
This post continues our monthly summary of patent litigation in the District of Minnesota, including short summaries of various substantive orders issued in pending cases.
By Collin J. Marshall
This post summarizes some of the significant developments in the Eastern District of Texas and the Western District of Texas for the month of May 2019.
By Andria Rae Crisler, Lance Wyatt
Judge Gilstrap's recent opinion in Apicore US LLC v. Beloteca, Inc., highlights interesting personal jurisdiction and venue issues in a non-traditional pharmaceutical suit involving patents asserted by an ANDA filer ...
By Jenny Shmuel, Tasha M. Francis, Tucker N. Terhufen
Decisions in the Amgen v. Sandoz case involving Sandoz's biosimilar versions of Amgen's Neupogen® and Neulasta® drugs have provided significant guidance to biosimilar litigants over the years.