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By Corinne Attard
These changes potentially affect all businesses, but in particular those in franchising or licensing or distribution.
By Alison Choy Flannigan
Healthcare providers should ensure their contractors notify the healthcare provider of relevant data breaches.
By Alison Choy Flannigan
There are significant legal issues to consider for marketers of therapeutic goods.
By Zara Officer
This case provides clear guidance of the type of complaint which can easily be characterised as not made in good faith.
By Alison Choy Flannigan, Nicholas Heinecke
Future action for non-compliance with the ACL in the marketing of therapeutic goods may result in much higher penalties.
By John Van De Poll, Vahini Chetty
When the treatment rendered is consistent, consent will not be vitiated if a different surgeon performs the procedure.
By Alison Choy Flannigan, Zara Officer
A genomic profile may help a doctor make personalised health decisions, but also raises a number of ethical challenges.
By Zara Officer
The Appeal decision confirms the need to understand medical malpractice and civil liability policy terms and conditions.
By Alison Choy Flannigan
Retirement village operators should review contracts to ensure compliance with state retirement living laws and the ACL.
By Daniel Jepson
The trademark dispute between CROSSFIT and BOSSFIT is a good lesson on the limitations of a trade mark registration.
By Corinne Attard
If you wish to buy a franchised business which operates from any premises other than your home, you will need a lease.
By Alison Choy Flannigan
This edition of the Health Law Bulletin includes recent articles, issues and cases of relevance to the health sector.
By Corinne Attard
The article includes 10 important questions to ask about your lease, when you are buying a retail franchise business.
By Alicia Mataere, Jenni Mandel
The Fair Work Commission has this week handed down its decisions in relation to two major claims sought by the unions.
By Mark Sheller
Unless this decision is overturned on appeal, there may need to be a complete rethink about adverse costs policies.
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