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By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
Traffic accidents always come down to a blame game and the person making the left turn is often in the wrong. About half of all crashes at Canadian intersections involved a vehicle that was turning...
By Jessica Golosky
In light of the recent Auto Insurance Reform changes in Ontario, Gluckstein Lawyer's Charles Gluckstein in collaboration with OTLA had the opportunity to meet with MPP Cho to discuss these ...
By Jordan D. Assaraf
Canadians are sleep-deprived. Research from Statistics Canada suggests we're getting about one hour less sleep...
By Jan Marin
In an effort to have claims resolved faster, easier and more affordably, the Attorney General is increasing the maximum claim values allowed before the Small Claims Court and under the Simplified ...
By Gabriel Lessard
If you have kids, you know that Halloween is a big deal. "You mean I get to dress up and go around asking people for treats? Best. Holiday. Ever!"
By Charles Gluckstein, Jessica Golosky
The automobile insurance system in Ontario has undergone a series of changes within the past few decades as a result of various efforts by different governments.
By Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers
If you are a driver who has quite a few tickets and possibly an accident or two racked up on your record, you may be known as a high-risk driver.
By Jan Marin
Now, more than ever before, women have the ability to make choices in their care during pregnancy and childbirth.
By Jordan D. Assaraf
In the wake of changing norms and greater understandings surrounding sexual violence, there have been several recent high-profile claims of sexual assault against physicians
By Gabriel Lessard
A person injured in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario can submit a claim for accident benefits, Ontario's system of no-fault insurance, and, if the collision is someone else's fault, can sue the
By Jan Marin
A refresher on the law and strategies can be helpful. In particular, for areas such as attendant care claims, which have the potential to generate significant damage awards.
By Janet Lebeau
The Court of Appeal upheld the trial decision in a medical malpractice case, finding that the trial judge did not err when instructing the jury on the applicable Standard of Care.
By Jan Marin
Technology is pervasive. It seems as though all facets of our lives today involve technology. My law firm is continually updating our technology to ensure that we are as efficient as possible.
By Jordan D. Assaraf
A class action is a type of civil claim brought by one or more representative plaintiffs on behalf of a larger group, made up of the class members. The purpose of a class action is to resolve common or similar claims in a single lawsuit.
By Jessica Golosky, Gabriel Lessard
It was recently announced that the Ontario License Appeal Tribunal's (LAT) first ruling on a disputed catastrophic impairment claim involving a motor vehicle accident will be reheard.