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By Duff and Phelps
North American Industry Market Multiples As Of June 30, 2019
By Duff and Phelps
European Industry Market Multiples as of Jine 30, 2019.
By Stefanie Perrella
On August 16, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued its opinion in the case of, Inc. & Subsidiaries v. Commission of Internal Revenue, finding in favor of the taxpayer.
By Stefanie Perrella, Douglas Fone
In this edition of Transfer Pricing Times, we present the latest and most relevant transfer pricing issues and developments from around the globe.
By Eddie Bines
In our experience, there's no specific criteria.
By Sarah Bell, Matt Ingram, Andrew Knowles
This award-winning project is a fantastic example of how a modern development can sit comfortably alongside a dedicated restoration of a national monument.
By Matt Ingram
As you will have read in the introductory piece from David Whitehouse, our international reach continues apace.
By Paul Williams
The UK has a somewhat unique relationship with gambling.
By Jimmy Saunders
Behind these is a raft of smaller chains and independent buyers.
By Duff and Phelps
The reforms are a mixed bag.
By Philip Duffy
These factors are having an immediate financial impact on some universities, who are directly losing income as a result of lower yearly student intakes.
By Gregory Burkart
SITE Selector is a new product offered by Duff & Phelps and powered by StageXchange.
By Beau Sheil
The proposals under consideration would create a significant change to the current tax system for certain multinational companies.
By Julian Korek
It is not surprising that answers to this question were greatly influenced by the location of the respondent.
By Ian Manson, Darragh Finn
The guidelines, which apply from September 30 2020, should be adapted to the nature scale and complexity of the fund.
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