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By Sanjeev Kumar, Abhishek Goyal
Judiciary acts as a guardian of rule of law, which is the foundation of a democratic society.
By Wasim Beg, Karan Dev Chopra
The general misconception that often plagues the citizenry of this nation is that the powers and authority of the Police Department are unfettered and untrammeled.
By Harish Kumar, Vivek Agarwal
The concept of CSR spend by corporations was first time introduced under the newly enacted Companies Act, 2013 and made effective from April 2014.
By Varun Sharma, Abhishek Goyal
Spectrographic or "voiceprint" identification process is based on comparative analysis of voiceprints or phonetic elements to arrive at an identification of an individual.
By Geeta Dhania, Deepansh Goyal
An IPO has been a great leveller for the shareholders until recently as the Securities and Exchange Board of India required that all shareholders in an IPO bound company should be treated at par (post IPO) ...
By Wasim Beg, Karan Dev Chopra
Marriages are said to be made in heaven, nuptials are believed to be pre-determined by destiny, However, man has ensured that the course of this, what some may call, romantic fiction, is fettered with a string of legislations ...
By Harish Kumar, Itee Singhal
The scenario of doing business in India has been undergoing change at fast-pace.
By Venancio D’Costa, Astha Ojha
Amendment in IBC qua MSME's: Ease, Endorse and ensure Expansion
By Venancio D’Costa, Astha Ojha
Joint or undivided family is the normal feature of the Hindu society.
By Arjun Singh
The leniency regime/ program in India has been active since the enforcement of the Competition Act, 2002 (Act) in May 2009.
By Ravi Dubey, Mansi Jhaveri
In a capital starved world, quick access to capital is like a dream come true. It not only enables ease of doing business, but also helps in achieving the growth plans and capex requirements in a timely manner.
By H.S. Bobby Chandhoke, Rajan Raj
This article attempts to examine the impact of, inter alia, ss. 14 and 238 of the IBC on the aforesaid scenarios.
By Chandramauli Dwivedi
SEBI was also investigating the case and an interim investigation revealed violation of fairness norms.
By Faisal Sherwani, Aditya Vikram
Ultimately, it is for the State to ensure that it acts fairly and without malice.
By Sanjeev Kumar, Anshul Sehgal
"Stare Decisis" has been defined under the Black's Law Dictionary as "to abide by, or adhere to, decided cases".
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