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By Jean-Guillaume Shooner
In a recent Federal Court of Appeal ("FCA") decision, CIBC World Markets Inc v The Queen, 2019 FCA 147, the Canadian investment banking subsidiary ("Investment Dealer") ...
By Julie D'Avignon
The release of the 2019 Alberta Budget has signaled that Premier Jason Kenney remains committed to bringing back the "Alberta Advantage" by returning to broad-base low corporate tax rates.
By Jonathan Drance, Glenn Cameron, Rachel Hutton
Recent studies have shown a high level of completion risk for energy projects subject to federal jurisdiction.
By Stikeman Elliott LLP
Aux termes des récentes modifications apportées au BC Instrument 13-502 Electronic Filing of Reports of Exempt Distribution ...
By Keith Miller, Erik Richer La Flèche, Glenn Zacher, Dennis P Langen
Four partners from our national Energy Group recently co-authored the Canadian chapter in the second edition of Alternative Energy & Power, a publication of Chambers and Partners.
By Shawn C.D. Neylan
Canada's economic sanctions regime is established under the Special Economic Measures Act, the United Nations Act and the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law).
By Jean-Guillaume Shooner
Dans une décision récente de la Cour d'appel fédérale (« CAF »), CIBC World Markets Inc c Sa Majesté la Reine, 2019 CAF 147, la filiale (une banque d'investissement) canadienne
By Julie D'Avignon
La publication du budget 2019 de l'Alberta indique que le premier ministre Jason Kenney demeure engagé à rétablir l'« avantage albertain » au moyen du retour à une large assiette fiscale composée
By C. Mario Paura, Stefan Fews, Michael Dyck, Rachel Hutton
Quatre associés de notre groupe Immobilier ont corédigé le chapitre canadien (en anglais seulement) du 2019 Corporate Real Estate Global Guide du Practical Law.
By Jean-Guillaume Shooner
Reversing a ruling of the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal has determined, with respect to a complex funding arrangement for broker commissions ...
By Jean-Guillaume Shooner
Dans sa décision infirmant celle de la Cour canadienne de l'impôt, la Cour d'appel fédérale a jugé que, relativement à un arrangement ...
By Nicholas Badeen, Malcolm Peck-McQueen
The Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA) have published for comment proposed amendments ...
By Nicholas Badeen, Malcolm Peck-McQueen
Les Autorités canadiennes en valeurs mobilières (les ACVM) ont publié pour commentaires des modifications proposées (les modifications proposées) ...
By Keith Miller, Erik Richer La Flèche, Glenn Zacher, Dennis P Langen
Quatre associés de notre groupe national Énergie ont corédigé dernièrement le chapitre canadien (en anglais seulement) de la deuxième édition ...
By Kevin K. Graham
Patent owners should know how communications with the Patent Office (in Canada and abroad) can affect the scope of their patent rights. Historically these communications were inadmissible in ...
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