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By Tom Provost, Dan Robillard
After a series of negotiations with the seller, you have finalized and signed a letter of intent and have started undertaking the necessary due diligence investigations to evaluate the pharmacy's business
By Maria A. Penner, Dan Robillard
Picture this: you've been thinking of buying a pharmacy, and an opportunity to purchase one has just presented itself. It seems like a dream come true—
By Aaron Vogel, Katrina Wagner
When a married couple divorces in Alberta, each spouse is entitled to a share of their matrimonial property pursuant to the Matrimonial Property Act, RSA 2000, c M-8.
By Jessica Jensen, Scott Bell, Reis Pagtakhan
Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident interested in working or immigrating to the U.S., but have a criminal conviction?
By Devin Wehrle
As of October 1, 2019, Manitoba's minimum wage will increase 30 cents – from $11.35 per hour to $11.65 per hour.
By Walter Pavlic, Q.C., Jana Linner, Daniel Shapiro
On October 21, 2019, Canada goes to the polls. It is important for employers to be aware of their obligations under the Canada Elections Act, SC 2000, c 9 (the "Act")
By Jana Linner, Robel Sahlu
Starting October 1, 2019, the minimum wage in Saskatchewan will increase from $11.06 per hour to $11.32 per hour.
By Reis Pagtakhan, Scott Bell, Jessica Jensen
If you are a foreign national and have committed or been convicted of a driving under the influence offence or any other criminal offence
By Kristal Allen
In April of this year, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) announced that it would be revisiting its 2009 guidelines for processing personal data across borders...
By Nathan Schissel, Jeremy Barber
Cybersecurity incidents have a tendency to grab headlines and compromise business value. Recently, we posted about the impact two major cybersecurity breaches had on Yahoo! ("Yahoo").
By Jason Mohrbutter
This claim involves allegations that a licensing agreement of the University's carbon capture technology with the defendant HTC was entirely non-exclusive.
By Jason Mohrbutter
In Input Capital Corp. v Gustafson, 2019 SKCA 78, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal recently overturned a trial judgment that found a standard form
By Lynsey Gaudin, Alizeh Virani, Graham Christie
Protections against discrimination are enshrined in federal and provincial human rights legislation across the country. Although there are commonalities
By Reis Pagtakhan
While new U.S. regulations requiring visa applicants to the U.S. to submit information on their social media profiles has gotten quite a bit of attention,
By Shaunt Parthev, Janelle Souter
Letters of credit are occasionally used in construction contracts to secure the performance of a contractor's obligations to the owner.