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By Paul Gregoire, Ugur Nedim
The death of the unborn children has renewed the debate around changes so that foetuses are independent legal entities.
By Sonia Hickey, Ugur Nedim
A Sydney couple who mal-nourished their baby, have avoided prison time, despite the girl facing life-long health issues.
By Paul Gregoire
Article argues that new laws regarding cash payments are a "step too far" since cash is after all, the legal tender.
By Paul Gregoire
Background and interview with activist who aims to protect the fragile Kimberley from those who wish to exploit it.
By Paul Gregoire
Article opines on the Abortion Bill and the fact that the vote has been delayed.
By Sonia Hickey
The Gold Coast Council hopes to retrieve the spend patterns from the use of credit cards and mobile phones by tourists.
By Paul Gregoire
At Australian universities, clashes have broken out between HK pro-democracy protesters and Communist China supporters.
By Ugur Nedim
Most criminal offences require proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a 'fault element' – also known as a mental element.
By Zeb Holmes, Ugur Nedim
Days before an inquest into a death in custody, the Victorian government announced it will decriminalise public drunkenness.
By Paul Gregoire
Australia could again follow the US into a Middle Eastern conflict with a country that poses no existential threat.
By Sonia Hickey
The proposed law could help stamp out tax evasion and money laundering, but it may also be an attack on civil liberties.
By Paul Gregoire
The Australian Prime Minister has stated that, besides consular assistance, Assange will receive "no special treatment".
By Zeb Holmes, Ugur Nedim
Concerns are that convictions could be based more on past criminal history and social media, than the presented evidence.
By Paul Gregoire
These charges send a very strong message to whistleblowers that they could be prosecuted if they report misconduct.
By Zeb Holmes, Ugur Nedim
The SA police should consider a "policy of avoidance of extremity shooting" where there is no immediate threat to life.