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By Joanna Deffley
On Friday 24 June 2016, share prices in housebuilders fell dramatically as a result of the UK voting to leave the EU the previous day.
By Wright Hassall LLP
In the dim and distant past expert witnesses could not be sued for negligence.
By Stuart Thwaites
Adjudication and the insolvency process are not always easy companions, based as they are on very different legislation. This can be seen from the following scenario.
By Stuart Thwaites
You have won an adjudication. You have been to court and enforced the decision and have a court order.
By Tina Chander
The apprentice rate increases from £3.70 to £3.90 per hour.
By Tina Chander
The government published the Good Work Plan in December 2018 in response to the Taylor Review.
By Joel Woolf
Farmers often have terms dictated to them by suppliers and buyers.
By Lindsay Ellis
The GDPR applied to all EU Members from May 25 and in the UK, it was automatically incorporated into national law by the European Communities Act.
By Lindsay Ellis
The same considerations should also be given to proposed contracts due to come into force after Brexit.
By Sandra Piaskowska
The above question is frequently asked by parties who wish to incorporate their own standard terms into a contract but are faced with the other contracting party's conflicting terms.
By Lorna Payne
Plans to bring in a new banded probate fee system are continuing to progress after a tight vote in favour of the controversial proposals.
By Nathan Talbott
The tragic death of Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala as he flew to meet up with his new club Cardiff City from Nantes on January 21 has shaken the world of football.
By Matthew Goodwin
The Loan Charge 2019 has become a much discussed topic amongst tax and financial services professionals over the last 2 years or so.
By Nathan Talbott
The impending application of the Loan Charge 2019 is causing taxpayers to assess their position and identify what they should be doing before the 5 April 2019 deadline.
By Matthew Goodwin
In April 2019, HMRC's Loan Charge will crystallise against anyone who has taken part in a trust based disguised remuneration scheme in the last 20 years ...
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