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By Michael Secondo, Deirdre Hochman
"Doing it yourself" (affably known as DIY) has been trending over the past few years, but not just in home-improvement and Pinterest projects.
By Cliff Pearce
Building a "climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe" is one of the four priorities set out by the European Council in its new strategic agenda for 2019-2024.
By Adela Baho, Lara Riachy, Maelle Lenaers
Luxembourg-based Head of Risk Management AIFM, Adela Baho, spoke to AGEFI about her views on the future private equity.
By Alice Lau, Ian Rumens
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange's (HKEX) broadening of its listing regime in 2018 has had a clear and almost immediate impact.
By Intertrust Group
The law will be effective as from the date of withdrawal from the European Union if no deal is agreed.
By Jurgen M.J. Borgt, Ashwina Heerah, Sophie Perrin-Janet
The Swiss trust law has been a long time in the making. Since the ratification of the Hague Trust Convention in 2007 several attempts were made by interested parties
By Christophe Tans, Brecht Guldemont
First created in 2003, the Private Privak, an investment vehicle primarily intended for private equity investments, had limited success.
By Andrea Williams
Cybersecurity seen as biggest tech related risk.
By Christophe Tans, Brecht Guldemont
The 30 September UBO Register filing deadline is just around the corner.
By Ard Crebas, Xander Benjamins
We heard the same patterns and demands coming from many conversations at the Society for Corporate Governance: efficiency is everything, so it's time to consolidate
By Maelle Lenaers, Lara Riachy
Luxembourg-based Head of Risk Management AIFM, Adela Baho, spoke to AGEFI about the importance of risk management and the ideal risk framework for alternative assets.
By Jurgen M.J. Borgt, Claudio Fanger
Swiss companies had to maintain a register of holders of bearer shares and ensure access in Switzerland for a period of 10 years.
By Bauke Faber
We expect the UBO register to be live in the Netherlands in January 2020.
By Audrey Behan
Thankfully, the European Commission has not been blind to these concerns.
By Amit Taylor
The Channel Islands have recently introduced new Economic substance laws that meet requirements set out by the EU's Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) (COCG).
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