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By Alistair Cooper, Tim Ryan
Liquidated damages (or "LD") clauses are a common feature in technology contracts, whether it's an agreement for the development of a mobile app or a piece of software,
By Richard Highley, Leanne Rogers, John Dunlop
A large proportion of SPA warranty or indemnity claims under W&I policies over the last 10 years have not been claims under the general warranties, ...
By Robert Wardle
Interim rent is rent payable after the expiry of the contractual term of a 1954 Act protected lease and before a formal lease renewal has been completed.
By David Williams, Jeremy Bennett, Mark Hodson
The question of whether an organisation should be liable for injuries suffered by a volunteer whilst performing an unauthorised act, contrary to an express prohibition, was considered by the High Court
By Charlotte Burnett, Chris Waite, Margarita Petai
In August 2019, NHS England published updated versions of the ICP contract and support documents package.
By Will Potts, Thomas Jordan, Christopher Gower
Whilst mostly of academic interest rather than of broader practical relevance, an interesting case management decision was made by Master Thornett
By Neil Bhan, Joanna Taylor
Pensions Regulator: updated how-to guide for DC governance. Two of the "how-to" guides have been updated: the value for members guide which refers to the industry-led Cost Transparency
By Kelsey Farish, Tim Ryan
User acceptance testing (UAT) is defined by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board as formal testing with respect to user needs, requirements
By Matt Spencer
The concepts of "repairs" and "improvements" are treated differently for tax purposes and so it is important that property owners take this into account.
By Robert Lee, James Harrison, Leanne Murray, Ben Pariser
The concept of housing specifically aimed at older people has many benefits. Improved quality of life and releasing larger
By Ceri Fuller, ZoŽ Wigan, Hilary Larter
NHS national terms and conditions of service require NHS trusts to carry out monitoring of junior doctors' working hours and rest breaks to ensure that their pay banding is correct.
By Tim Ryan
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network to which people, data, devices and more can be added, allowing new forms of engagement, additional services and new ways of generating
By DAC Beachcroft LLP
Until publishing this revised guidance, the ICO's position had been that the month's timescale go comply with a DSAR begins on the day after the DSAR is received.
By Ceri Fuller, ZoŽ Wigan, Hilary Larter
Ms Chikale and her employer, Mrs Okedina, are both Malawian nationals. Using false information, Mrs Okedina obtained a six month visa for Ms Chikale, and brought her into the country as a live in domestic worker.
By Ceri Fuller, ZoŽ Wigan, Hilary Larter
Under the Working Time Regulations, workers in Great Britain have a right to a minimum of 5.6 weeks' annual leave and are entitled to be paid at the rate of a week's pay in respect of this leave.
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