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By Jennifer Noctor
Jennifer Noctor examines a recent High Court case where the defendants took a costs order against a litigious plaintiff a step further...
By Seán O'Reilly
The commencement of the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018 represents a landmark in the combatting of bribery and corruption in Irish business in both the public and the private sectors.
By Finola McCarthy
FINOLA MCCARTHY, Partner, Ronan Daly Jermyn, examines alternative means to retention of providing protection for clients, and questions what real value retention brings to projects.
By Jennifer Cashman
With some of Ireland's worst storms in years having caused floods and wind damage across the country, employers are facing absenteeism,...
By Darryl Broderick, Hilda Mannix
In recent years, the sale of non-performing loan portfolios by banks and other credit institutions to investment funds has become more prevalent
By Audrey Lynch, Adam McCarthy
A degree of trust between parties is required in legal transactions. However, if an immutable record of data existed, we could eliminate this dependency on others.
By Louise Smith, Kate Duffy
Recent media coverage of personal injury litigation and the knock on effect of awards on premium holders has yet again highlighted the need for change and reform in our courts in both the determination of wrong doing...
By Jennifer Cashman, Ciara Ní Longaigh
As employees begin to flock in their droves to sunnier climates, it is a good time for us to remind employers of the law relating to annual leave entitlements.
By Louise Boughton, Ruairi Geoghegan
The English invented discovery while casting about for a substitute for torture for parties unwilling to reveal facts at issue in a law suit. Their idea was a good one
By Jennifer Cashman, Ciara Ní Longaigh
Heralded as an example of "new politics working", the Parental Leave (Amendment) Act 2019 ("the 2019 Act") has now been commenced and is effective
By Seán O'Reilly, Adam McCarthy
There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this technology. Smart contracts have the potential to be traceable, transparent, and irreversible
By Richard O'Brien, Sharon Burke
The long awaited Coroners (Amendment) Bill 2018 (hereinafter known as "the Bill") was passed by Oireachtas (Final Stage) on 3 July 2019
By Jennifer Cashman, Ciara Ní Longaigh
The National Vetting Bureau ("the NVB") announced that a new compliance unit was set up in December last year to conduct "regular checks"
By Caoimhe Heery
We have an employee who has been on long-term sick leave and wishes to return to work on Monday. We are concerned about their fitness to return to normal duties and wish to delay their return.
By Tina English, Lee O'Donovan
Advocate General Szpunar (the "AG") of the Court of Justice ("CJEU") has stated in a noteworthy opinion that the E-Commerce Directive1 (the "Directive") does not preclude host providers from being ordered,
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