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By Zoe V. Walkinshaw
The draft ePrivacy Regulation has been trundling through the EU legislative bodies for the past couple of years, and is making some progress.
By Anthony Franze, R. Reeves Anderson
Last term, amici curiae filed more than 700 briefs, participated in 96% of argued cases, and were cited by the justices in more than half of all merits cases.
By Jeffrey L. London, Charles Wachsstock, Kathleen Wechter, Douglas S. Pelley
n the latest round of the long-running Sun Capital litigation, two Sun Capital private equity funds won an important victory in the First Circuit
By Sebastian Jungermann
In particular, the rules on abuse of market power, merger control and civil damages will be amended.
By Lincoln Tsang, Alexander Roussanov, Jacqueline Mulryne
This is a follow up to our previous posts relating to the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) various policies on access to documents.
By Louise Strom
The Advocate General's Opinion is significant in that it departs from guidelines adopted by the European Commission.
By Anton A. Ware
Encouraged by the Chinese Government's expansive Belt and Road Initiative, and often relying on the investor protections afforded to them under China's dense network of investment treaties
By Christian D. Sheehan
Nearly a year ago, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in Gilead Sciences, Inc. v. United States…
By Henry Clinton-Davis
Many of our clients engage contractors who provide their services through a personal services company.
By Alexander Roussanov, Jacqueline Mulryne
Earlier this month, the European Commission and representatives of the EU Member States discussed potential revisions to the European Commission's Note on handling of duplicate marketing authorisation applications.
By Jonathan I. Levine, Brian Lohan, Ginger Clements
Although a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decision paved the way for the debtors in the case to confirm a plan of reorganization, it does not necessarily eliminate the risks associated with the ability of ...
By Rosa J. Evergreen, Veronica Callahan, Kathleen Reilly, Lucas B. Barrett
The US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware addressed a developing area of the law related to the attorney-client and work-product privileges and the transfer of any such privileges to liquidation trustees ...
By David Sausen, C. Sarah Soloveichik, Joel Deuth
On October 9, 2019, the US Department of the Treasury issued proposed regulations regarding tax issues relating to the anticipated discontinuance of the London interbank rate after the 2021 calendar year.
By James Cooper, C. Scott Lent, Sonia Kuester Pfaffenroth, Craig D. Margolis, David Hibey, Mathieu M. Coquelet Ruiz
On November 5, 2019, the DOJ announced the formation of the new Procurement Collusion Strike Force to detect, investigate, prosecute, and deter antitrust crimes such as bid-rigging and related fraudulent schemes ...
By Peter Levitas
Recently, there has been increased attention to the concept of monopsony among policy makers and practitioners, and both the FTC and the DOJ are focusing more on supply-side effects of transactions.
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