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By Agnieszka Nowak-Blaszczak, Monika Gaczkowska
On 19 September 2019, the Polish Personal Data Protection Office ("UODO") announced the imposition highest fine to date for violation of personal data protection regulations.
By Joanna Wajdzik, Anna Nowodworska
The UBO Register will be non-confidential, publicly accessible and free of charge.
By Anna Rizova, Hristina Dzhevlekova, Zhulieta Markova
The GDPR leaves the initial assessment of a Data Breach to self-estimation of the data controller and its internal policies and procedures.
By Anna Rizova, Atanas Mihaylov, Yanitsa Radeva
Amendments to the Bulgarian tax law addressing the introduction of mandatory transfer pricing documentation for transactions with related parties have been recently implemented.
By Georg Kresbach, Martin Weber
E-Commerce Plattformen sind nicht verpflichtet, dem Verbraucher vor Vertragsabschluss stets die Telefonnummer zur Verfügung zu stellen – es gibt auch andere Optionen.
By Georg Kresbach, Martin Weber
E-commerce platforms are not obligated in all cases to make a telephone number available to consumers before the conclusion of the contract – there are other options.
By Joanna Gąsowski, Damian Majda
On November 7, 2019, the Statute substantially amending the Civil Procedure Code and other Statutes will come into effect.
By Nataša Lalović Marić, Miroslav Stojanovic
It is expected that implementation of the New DP Law will resolve some of the issues that the market participants were facing due to the outdated Old DP Law.
By Monika Gaczkowska
What does H2 2019 hold for businesses in the IP, IT, TMT sectors and what legal and regulatory trends should catch their attention?
By Günter Bauer, Robert Wagner
The number of cartel damages claims before national civil courts in Europe has dramatically increased over recent years.
By Izabela Wiewiórka
The statement must be signed by management board members.
By János Pásztor, Bence Kalman
On 4 June 2019, the so-called summer tax package was submitted to the Hungarian Parliament.
By János Pásztor, Bence Kalman
The branch jurisdiction does not tax the foreign source interest income attributed to the branch.
By Emilia Lhotka
Since January 2019, a new double taxation treaty between Austria and Japan is applicable, replacing the former treaty dating back to 1961.
By Cynthia Pfister
The double taxation treaty concluded between Austria and Germany contains a special provision deviating from the OECD Model Convention on the tax treatment of remunerations for employees living and working across the border ...
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