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By Catherine Lovrics, Tamara Winegust
Les droits d'auteur et les marques de commerce sont des droits de propriété intellectuelle distincts. Les deux droits peuvent exister dans un logo.
By Amanda Branch, Iris Cheung
Le 27 juin 2019, le Bureau de la concurrence a conclu une entente avec Ticketmaster et ses entreprises affiliées. En vertu de l'entente,
By H. Samuel Frost
In 2014, Canada's patent law was amended to implement Canada's obligation under the Patent Law Treaty (PLT),
By Victor Krichker, Justin Philpott
U.S. court decisions suggest that companies who sue for theft of trade secrets are at risk of losing the lawsuits if the measures they took to protect their trade secrets were insufficient
By Noel Courage
C'est le temps des séries éliminatoires de basketball! L'histoire de ce sport est bien connue. Un Canadien
By Amanda Branch
A key concept of AI is that it is an intelligent system that is able to change its behaviour or adapt based on information or experience.
By Cynthia Rowden, Meghan Dillon, Jasmine Godfrey
In Live! Holdings, LLC. v Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP and Pickering Developments (Bayly) Inc., 2019 FC 1042 ("Live!"), the Federal Court of Canada again
By Cynthia Rowden, Terry Edwards
Major amendments were implemented to Canada's Trademarks Act on June 17, 2019 that impact everything from filing and oppositions to registration terms and renewal procedures.
By Noel Courage, Nyrie Israelian
Whether a Canadian drug price is a bargain or excessive may depend on which side of the border you view it from. In the U.S.
By Andrew McIntosh, Joshua W. Spicer
The September 21, 2017 amendments to the PMNOC Regulations brought significant change to litigation involving patented medicines in Canada
By Noel Courage
Companies launching patented medicines in Canada should be prepared for price review.
By François Larose, Alexandre Paquette-Dénommé (Summer Student)
La parodie n'est pas une défense contre un recours en contrefaçon sous la Loi sur les marques de commerce.
By François Larose, Alexandre Paquette-Dénommé (Summer Student)
Parody is not a defence to trademark infringement under the Trademarks Act.
By Tamara Winegust, Catherine Lovrics
Copyright and trademarks are separate intellectual property rights. Both rights can arise in a logo. Ownership of the copyright and trademark rights in the logo can differ
By Patricia Folkins
On July 10, 2019, the Canadian government published the final version of the new Patent Rules in the Canadian Gazette, Part II
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