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By Peter Barakate
Keeping a pet in a strata unit, under suitable conditions, could be considered part of contemporary community living..
By Belinda Cao, Andrew Frankland
This article highlights some of the 'details' that need to be considered to plan for the succession of the family trust.
By Mick Franco, Jessica Maiuolo
President Phillips of the Workers Compensation Commission recently issued a decision about the application of section 39.
By Jessica Maiuolo, Mick Franco
Recent decision confirms the well-established principles governing cases of psychological injury involving perception.
By Ryan Murphy
"Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature" does not need to amount to assault to be treated seriously by the Courts.
By Danielle Verde, Gerard Basha
Trustees should be aware of benefits of DNA testing to resolve inheritance disputes or estate administration problems.
By Ryan Murphy
The FW Ombudsman decided that Uber drivers are not employees, so are not entitled to employment-related entitlements.
By Matthew Wilson, Michael Cossetto
Institutions should consider opting into the National Redress Scheme to address any claims of childhood sexual abuse.
By Sharon Levy
In this case, the builder had not shown that it was unreasonable not to allow him back on site to rectify the defects.
By Gavin Stuart, Max Mikha
Article discusses and offers tips for collecting debts and for if you are being chased for debts.
By James Mattson, Jade Bond
Article offers guidelines on how your organisation ought to handle and manage protected disclosures.
By Belinda Cao, Andrew Frankland
Complexity does exist in dealing with succession planning for trusts and careful planning is necessary to get it right.
By Peter Lichaa, Clemance Semaan
A worker is restricted to only one assessment of the degree of permanent impairment resulting from an injurious event.
By Gavin Stuart, Adam Cutri, Phoebe Martin
This article considers relevant Hayne Royal Commission recommendations and reaction to them from insurance companies.
By Dennis Loether
Recent planning amendments were driven largely by complaints regarding the number of rooms in many new boarding houses.
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