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By Olayanju Phillips
Until recently, the practice of law took place in law firms.
By Bisola Scott
Nigeria has a growing market for software products, and businesses have developed an increased need for this technology tool, to adapt to market changes, augment business processes...
By Olayanju Phillips
Since the global financial crisis of 2007, several banking regulatory reforms have been instituted in a bid to increase trust in the Nigerian banking sector and maintain stability in the financial industry.
By John C. Onyido
In mid-2007, I was privileged to be part of the legal team that represented the RIAA in its fight against LIMEWIRE for peer-to-peer online piracy of numerous sound recordings belonging to various artistes ...
By Olaoye Olalere
Profit is the motive of every business and for any business owner to realize profit from an undertaking the production cost must be less than the sales cost.
By Sandra Eke
Both a hashtag and a catchphrase can be protected by intellectual property rights, usually by registering them as trademarks.
By Oluwole Dawodu
Generally, the court's judgment is the fruit of every litigation, and the outcome of every legal dispute that is referred for resolution by the Court.
By Olayanju Phillips
Venture Capital is one of the financing options open to privately-held startup companies and small businesses.
By Yetunde Okojie, Oluwasolape Owoyemi
Patents protect innovation by providing the inventor with a twenty-year, exclusive right to a patentable invention. Different jurisdictions have various criteria that must be satisfied before an innovative or ...
By Oluwafunmilayo Mayowa
Celebrities often have two streams of income, one for the work they are known for (like acting, singing, dancing, stand-up comedies etc
By John C. Onyido
Our Partner, John Onyido (Head, Intellectual Property and Technology Practice) contributed the Nigerian Chapter in International Comparative Legal Guide to Trade Marks 2019. In the chapter,
By John C. Onyido
Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Nigeria, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Yetunde Okojie, Oluwasolape Owoyemi
Trademarks are source identifiers in terms of origin and quality.
By Olaoye Olalere
It is trite law that where there is a legal wrong there must be a remedy as aptly captured in the latin maxim ubi jus, ibi remedium.
By Ayodele Adeniyi
A Will is a document of distribution of private assets which takes effect upon the maker's death.
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