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By Richard Ottley, Michael Byrnes
This case required an analysis of the FWA in relation to the accumulation and payment of (paid) personal/carer's leave.
By Michael Byrnes
Key points and initial observations regarding the Religious Discrimination Bill.
By Richard Ottley
Article looks at factors which may impact upon the certainty and durability of deeds of release and provides 3 case examples.
By Michael Byrnes
The Banerji case relates to the use of tweets or social media by a Commonwealth public servant about government policies.
By Eric Ziehlke
Article explains that, with or without a deal, there is likely to be an orderly transition of IP rights between EU & UK.
By Helen Kowal
Interview with building consultant about issues in the construction industry, in particular the high rate of building defects.
By Annette Wilson
The least expensive way to resolve family law matters is to discuss them with your ex-partner and try to reach agreement.
By Angela Harvey, Emily Capener
Where a family provision claim is made on a small or moderate estate, it can be difficult to justify costs of litigation.
By Michael Byrnes
In two recent unfair dismissal decisions, the FWC has rejected the practice of terminating employment by text message.
By Richard Ottley
Some employers in NSW are not aware of the implications of evidence acquired through workplace surveillance activities.
By Angela Harvey, Emily Capener
Victoria has become the first state in Australia to lawfully allow terminally ill people to voluntarily end their lives.
By Annette Wilson
The assets of a relationship include all assets, whether they were acquired prior, during or after the relationship.
By Bill Lo, Emily Capener
Redefinitions of 'small' and 'large' proprietary companies will have a significant impact on their reporting obligations.
By Bill Lo, Emily Capener
This lapsed bill would have imposed an obligation on all present and future directors to verify their details with ASIC.
By Michael Byrnes
The Folau case has been a very public debate about an employer's prerogative to regulate the private lives of employees.
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