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By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
The FWO has made an example of George and his restaurant empire, MADE Establishment, through an enforceable undertaking.
By Wesley Rogers, Isabella Doyle
Employers should conduct regular reviews of their employees' entitlements and applicable rates of pay for hours of work.
By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
As a risk to work health and safety, an employer must take reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise workplace bullying.
By Hannah Marshall
Recently there has been a move for agencies to join together to 'ditch the pitch', which could be seen as cartel conduct.
By Nathan Mattock, Emma Johnsen
The wine trade mark infringement was so blatant that the company had no reasonable prospects of defending the claim.
By Justin Cudmore, Emilie Blake
If at least one business further up the chain is bound by the Act, you could be asked about risks of modern slavery.
By Hannah Marshall
Wendy Dent's defamation claim against Don Burke failed, but the decision leaves the door open for more claims like this.
By Wesley Rogers, Courtney Divani
After an exhaustive two-year investigation, the Fair Work Ombudsman has declared Uber drivers to be legit contractors.
The submission is on behalf of rape victim-survivors with a direct experience of section 194K of the Evidence Act 2001.
By Michael Bradley
Article argues that we are in a transitional phase and perhaps piracy is to be used as a marketing strategy.
By Wesley Rogers, Justin Cudmore
Article discusses recent finding that use of mandatory fingerprint technology at work breached the Privacy Act.
By Michael Bradley
Article promotes the importance of the compulsory vote.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
There is uncertainty in assessing when the ACCC will refuse a merger for the reason that it might substantially lessen competition.
By Michael Bradley
Article discusses Folaus case & highlights that employers carry no legal or moral obligation to provide employment to anyone.
By Hannah Marshall, Danielle Kroon
This article includes summaries of recent cases involving the ACCC, competition, consumer law and misleading conduct.
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