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By Genevieve Dee
The documents you need to file will vary depending on whether you are asking the court to make parenting or property orders.
By Sam Adams
Interesting article discussing biometric tracking data, how it is collected, who owns it, how it can be used etc
By Fletch Heinemann
As this recent AAT decision highlights, the taxpayer must provide evidence to prove that a section 99B exclusion applies.
By Genevieve Dee
An imminent inheritance will be, more often than not, relevant to property settlement matters.
By Marcus Ford
Article highlights risks for governments & statutory authorities with regards to Public-Private Partnership developments.
By Sarah Lancaster
Article contains a link to a video: who, what and where with Sarah Lancaster.
By Genevieve Dee
Article discusses the issues associated with who keeps the family pet when a relationship ends.
By Brady Cockburn
Recent case shows trend by courts to make small apportionments of liability against actual employers in host employment arrangements.
By Brady Cockburn
Recent case highlights that occupiers will only be liable for matters over which they have control.
By Tony Park
Article discusses some useful findings on issues such as pick rates, which will be helpful to distribution centre operators.
By Belinda Winter
Recent case highlights that a risk assessment must consider anyone a particular activity may affect, not just employees.
By Tony Park
The ‘dangerous recreational activity' defence is a fact sensitive enquiry, so aspects of the activity could be dangerous.
By Genevieve Dee
Strict time limits do apply to formalising property settlements, whether you were married or in a de facto relationship.
By Graham Roberts
The Jams case is a reminder that if vetting processes for potential borrowers are not sufficient, loans may be set aside.
By Genevieve Dee
He was ordered to pay one half of the lotto win to his ex-wife, despite it being more than two years after separation.
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