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By Mark Bell
In a surprise development, Apple and Qualcomm have settled their billion dollar smartphone litigation cases worldwide.
By Dehns  
There is still considerable uncertainty around Brexit: when will the UK leave the EU? Will there be an agreed deal? What will the deal look like? What happens if no deal is agreed?
By Mark Scott
Over the last few years, the EPO Boards of Appeal have become more strict regarding the late filing of new facts, evidence or requests.
By Daniel Rowe
The EPO's practice on double patenting has been rather settled over the past decade. As indicated in the EPO's Guidelines for Examination ...
By Adam Kellett
The Kardashian/Jenner family have made millions by commodifying their personal lives and turning themselves into powerhouse brands.
By Adam Kellett
The term intellectual property (IP) refers to a variety of different types of legal rights.
By Mark Bell
Once again, the German Federal Constitutional Court has listed the "Constitutional Complaint" against German ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement on the cases to be decided for the coming year.
By Chris Goddard
It was great to share pharmaceutical patenting insights with the panel and our audience at the "Patent Challenges in the Pharma Industry"
By Chris Goddard
IP practice around Europe is at its most inconsistent when it comes to Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) protection for second and further medical indication inventions.
By Tom Lorkin
In what may come as a welcome departure from existing practice, an EPO board of appeal in decision T1085/13 has clarified the conditions under which patents can be granted for known compounds
By Chris Goddard
Looking forward to joining my fellow panelists for the "Patent Challenges in the Pharma Industry" ...
By Joanna Furmston
In a decision that may come as somewhat of a surprise to lovers of McDonald's Big Mac sandwich, the EUIPO cancellation division has recently opted to cancel McDonald's EU trade mark (EUTM) registration for Big Mac.
By Clare Mann
Following the UK Parliament's recent rejection of the Prime Minister's draft Withdrawal Agreement, the uncertainty over Brexit continues.
By Barbara Rigby
The decision is a twist in a long-running saga, but may well not be the final word on the matter.
By Barbara Rigby
This article explores the implications of this aspect of the judgment and its potential impact on the value of second medical use patents.