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By Ashley Doidge
There is more to marriage than just a party with a DJ and catered food. Getting married is a serious legal undertaking which involves significant financial consequences.
By Ashley Doidge
With Canada's aging population, there has been an increase in disputes within families about who should be making personal and financial decisions on behalf of incapable members of the family.
By Christopher Statham, Steven Huryn
The Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) has been signed and any conditions waived or fulfilled. All that remains is for the closing itself to take place. What happens when a party to a firm APS fails to close the deal?
By Ashley Doidge
Estate planning is inarguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only can estate planning legally protect your spouse and assets
By Marty Rabinovitch, Elias Rabinovitch
Two recent Ontario court decisions suggest that arbitration clauses requiring employees in employment agreements to submit certain employment actions to arbitration may be unenforceable.
By Marty Rabinovitch, Elias Rabinovitch
If you have recently been denied a job due to a lack of proof of permanent eligibility to work in Canada, you may be entitled to compensation under Ontario human rights law.
By Marty Rabinovitch, Steven Huryn
In the spring of 2018 Dr. Mehta was terminated by Acadia University for, among other things, allegedly harassing students and other faculty members.
By Jennifer Hetherington, Elias Rabinovitch
You've just signed an agreement of purchase and sale, and you've discovered that drugs were illegally manufactured on the property years before the seller bought it. Can you get your deposit back?
By Marty Rabinovitch, Elias Rabinovitch
If an injury or illness has resulted in there being no reasonable likelihood that you will be able to return to work within the foreseeable future, you may be entitled to compensation.
By Jennifer Hetherington, Steven Huryn
Parties to a real estate Agreement of Purchase and Sale occasionally ask whether they actually need a lawyer to close the deal. The answer to that question is a resounding yes.
By John Schuman
In Canada, a child's right to receive an education is an important one. As a result, children both in private and publicly funded schools are entitled to have any allegations put forth against them,
By Robert Adourian, Steven Huryn
The past decade has seen a considerable increase in the number of condominium developments in Southern Ontario.
By Syed Nizami
An Educational Credential Assessment, or an ECA report, is required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess one's international academic credentials
By Marty Rabinovitch, Elias Rabinovitch
June 14th, 2019 by Marty Rabinovitch and Elias Rabinovitch A recent labour arbitration decision from Saskatchewan has suggested what the boundaries around workplace consumption of medical
By Marc Spivak
Over the years, ride-hailing services have become increasingly popular and the demand appears to be increasing.
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