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By Sam Adams
This case highlights key important considerations from the perspectives of sporting administrators, clubs and players.
By Belinda Winter
Article contains link to a video where we get to know CGW partner, Belinda Winter.
By Leanne O’Neill
Anyone who works on or uses land in Queensland is responsible for managing the biosecurity risks under their control.
By Andrew Corkhill
Bidding is now open for a total of eight new Petroleum Exploration Licences in the Cooper and Otway Basins in South Australia.
By Fletch Heinemann
There are four other tests to define whether an individual is a tax resident, according to Australia's domestic tax law.
By Linda Tapiolas
Trust loss provisions first applied in the 1995 tax year and the "family trust" concept has became popular with the ATO.
By Annie Smeaton
From 1 July 2019, all minimum pay rates in all modern awards as well as the national minimum wage will increase by 3%.
By Annie Smeaton
The two directors, blind to the fact that employees were not being paid their entitlements, were found personally liable.
By Belinda Winter
The employer was criticised by the Commission for allowing the employee to return to work after a suicidal incident.
By Andrew Corkhill
Junior, mid-tier and new entrant miners are invited to apply, via competitive non-cash tender, for exploration rights.
By Fletch Heinemann
Article discusses tax laws: Residency, double tax agreement, multilateral tax treaty and the new position of the ATO.
By Scott Bartlem
It is worth considering setting up a new bucket company to receive the new distributions franked to the lower tax rate.
By Brady Cockburn
This case highlights difficulties in proving that these assaults are reasonably foreseeable and preventable by employers.
By Tony Park
Where a risk is foreseeable but highly unlikely to occur, employers are only expected to take reasonable precautions.
By Fletch Heinemann
The rules for determining the rate of company tax have changed, depending on if the company is a 'base rate entity'.
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