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By Yee Mei Chow, Wing Ho
New amendments allow for the cancellation of visitor visas, if the visa holder contravenes Australia's biosecurity laws.
By Robert Algie
Dog owners are liable to compensate a person who is injured if their dog attacks someone.
By Matthew Rafferty
Can a landlord still charge land tax when lease starts out as being subject to RL Act & then ceases to be retail premises?
By Grace Brophy, Paul Carroll
Recent case serves as a reminder for tenants and landlords that a valuer is bound by the terms of the lease.
By Gillian Kirwan
Lesson to be taken away from recent case is to be very clear & do not take possession & pay rent until a lease is signed.
By Wing Ho
This case confirms that the statutory interpretation presumption against statutes having retrospective effect applies.
By Kristie James
Although the Court has discretion to award costs, parties in family law proceedings generally pay their own legal costs.
By Julia Harrison
Silicosis, an incurable lung disease, is most common in people exposed to high levels of silica dust over a long period.
By Bianca Chieffe
A work injury damages claim is a common law claim against your employer for negligence. How do I make such a claim?
By Grace Brophy, Josephine Heesh
Explanation of the ACNC external conduct standards which have been imposed on charities since 23rd July 2019.
By Josephine Heesh
To encourage whistleblowers, all companies are required to have a whistleblower policy by the first day of 2020.
By Joshua Dale, Connor Molloy
This case is an interesting example of the Court's willingness to recognise an informal will in unique circumstances.
By Dianne Retief
PCG 2019/5 provides a "safe harbour" compliance approach, if circumstances comply with the conditions listed in the PCG.
By Rebecca Tidswell
Bob Hawke's estate will now come before the Court, as his daughter Rosslyn prepares to take action to dispute his will.
By Selwyn Black, Yue Lucy Han
An individual can manage the future distribution of their super fund balance by nominating beneficiaries in the fund.
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