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By Mark Ricciardi
It is never good to put off dealing with a problem employee. Whether it is misconduct, poor performance, or simply an attitude that impairs your team's ability to work together well, the time to act is now.
By Ted Boehm, Andria Ryan
Hotel and restaurant employers commonly require employees to wear uniforms, some as simple as a shirt with company logo, others requiring a more complete look: jacket or blouse and pants or skirt, or dress.
By Steven Cupp, Jaklyn Wrigley
Yes, indeed—the labor market is tight. And with the nationwide unemployment rate below 4 percent, 263,000 new jobs created in April 2019, and a sizzling economy, the labor market is likely to get even tighter.
By Chelsea Deppert, Tiffani W. Greene
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), passed at the end of 2017, effectively repealed the individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by reducing the tax penalty to zero.
By Chelsea Deppert, Lorie Maring
The Internal Revenue Service recently amended its Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) to allow more retirement plan qualification failures to be self-corrected, including retroactive plan amendments.
By Richard Meneghello
Earlier this week, the California Assembly overwhelmingly passed AB5 – a measure that would codify the ABC test introduced to the state in last year's Dynamex decision,
By Christopher Peterson
In a bylined article for, Denver partner Christopher Peterson reviews the latest cases that are using – or challenging – the two-part interference test in Section 105(c)(1) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act
By LaLonnie Gray
Until the proposal is final, schools and universities remain in a state of flux
By Megan Walker
Human trafficking is the fastest-growing organized crime business and the third largest criminal enterprise in the world.
By Bailey Bifoss, Annie Lau
In their bylined piece for SHRM titled "Sexual-Harassment Settlements: How to Comply with California's New Rules,"
By Mathew Parker
Pushing its deadline back for the second time, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced that it plans to issue amended regulations related to incentivizing participation.
By Nicholas S. Hulse, Travis Vance
This past Memorial Day weekend, the southeastern region of the United States experienced a historic heatwave that set all-time records.
By Joshua Nadreau
Led by Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), a nine-member coalition of the Massachusetts business community, along with employee and low-income advocacy groups,
By Reyburn Lominack III
The National Labor Relations Board announced today in its spring 2019 regulatory agenda that it intends to consider rulemaking in the following substantive areas arising under the National Labor Relations Act
By Myra Creighton, Edward Harold
If the Department of Labor has anything to say about it, employers may soon get a bit of a reprieve when it comes to dealing with the administrative and compliance difficulties associated with the Family and Medical Leave Act.
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