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By Daniel Hawke
This article discusses the Securities and Exchange Commission settlement process, focusing on key guiding principles that counsel should have in mind when negotiating with the SEC.
By Rosa J. Evergreen, Veronica Callahan, Kathleen Reilly, Lucas B. Barrett
This is an area that is still developing, and independent committees and their professionals should continue to follow the cases arising in this area of the law.
By Samuel Witten
Witten Featured on TRT World Discussing US Refugee Policy.
By Trenton H. Norris, Peggy Otum, Shannon L. Morrissey, Anthony Samson
The amended bills narrow the still expansive scope of products and packaging that would fall within the scope of the regulation.
By Michael Gerrard, Edward McTiernan
Deep changes in the way electricity is generated, people and goods move around, and buildings are erected and renovated in New York will be required by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), ...
By Paula Ramer, William Madden
A recent Third Circuit decision reaffirmed the high bar a relator must meet to qualify as an "original source" under the pre-2010 version of the False Claims Act's (FCA) public disclosure bar.
By John Barker, John Bellinger, III, Charles Blanchard, Ronald Lee, Nancy L. Perkins, Nicholas Townsend
Failing to understand the details of these procedures can expose an investment fund to significant risk.
By Jennifer Sklenar, Michael J. Gershoni
This recent decision provides guidance for petitioners and patent owners at the PTAB.
By Paul J. Fishman, Murad Hussain, Kirk Ogrosky, Cole Kroshus
In 2008, Terance Gamble was convicted under Alabama law of second-degree robbery, a felony.
By Jacqueline Mulryne
The guidance does not clarify if the same PRRC can act for multiple manufactures.
By Simon Firth
The prohibition will cover firms acting in, or from, the UK.
By Douglas F. Curtis, Karen Rigberg
(How) Should You Change Your Company's Compliance Program(s) in Response to the DOJ's Recent Guidance.
By Manvin Mayell, David Russell
recent False Claims Act case from the District of Utah about a contractor's compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act—which requires employers to pay local prevailing wages to their employees
By Manvin Mayell, David Russell
Companies forced to defend meritless qui tam cases litigated by relators after government declination often wonder whether they can recoup attorneys' fees after the complaint is dismissed.
By Mark Colley
Materiality" in the context of False Claims Act actions based on false implied certification becomes better understood with each post-Escobar decision.
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