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By Chris Bevitt, Michael Deacon
ALRC uses its trademark portfolio to protect its reputation and its brands in merchandising and media rights licensing.
By Allira Hudson-Gofers
Article records an interview with elite athlete & patent attorney about how innovation has played a part in sport & much more.
By Grant Shoebridge
This article emphasises the importance of retaining and revising, not abolishing, Australia's Innovation Patent System.
By Candace (YeeWen) Wu, Grant Shoebridge
Infringement of a Swiss-style claim does require the pharmaceutical patentee to establish the manufacturer's intention.
By Greg Whitehead
Article advocates for a structured IP strategy/portfolio and lists some benefits that could be realised.
By Gareth Dixon
This article considers whether a patent's novelty assessment is likely to be significantly different under the new Act.
By Gareth Dixon
This article includes some ideas to effectively manage the prosecution of New Zealand patent applications.
By Ean Blackwell, Kieran Williams
The article discusses the history of medicinal cannabis, the Australian market and the types of IP that can be utilised.
By Candace (YeeWen) Wu, Kieran Williams
An Australian court could consider this decision, despite the Lords being split on the relevant test for plausibility.
By Grant Shoebridge
Article advocates for keeping the innovation patent and includes a link to a video advocating the same.
By Gareth Dixon
The Government has proposed legislative amendments to the Patents Act 1990 to abolish the innovation patent system.
By Michael Zammit
There are many advantages to having IP consolidated to a single service provider, and it is a 'best practice' approach.
By Russell Davies
This is a submission to the Senate Committee which is considering changes to the Government's R&D tax incentive regime.
By Danielle Spath, Sean McManis
Some guidance on how trade mark rights will be affected if a deal is not reached between the UK and the EU.
By Claire McDowall, Tracey Murray
Recent case & resultant sentencing reinforces the importance of having solid documents to support any EMDG application.
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