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The pharmacy industry is moving from community-based dispensaries to discount pharmaceutical and healthcare retailers.
The construction industry represents 23% of all external administrations, despite accounting for only 8% to 10% of GDP.
The article discusses recent trends in the motor vehicle dealership industry and the key pressures facing the industry.
By Owain Stone
Article highlights that there is no ‘one size fits all' for managing expert evidence.
The construction industry is disproportionately represented in insolvencies, so developers should be aware of the risks.
By Scott Langdon
Australia has an infrastructure boom, but many mega projects are beset by delays, cost over-runs, and litigious threats.
By Stephen Millington
Australian companies are obliged to protect whistleblower employees so must develop a compliant and comprehensive policy
By Robert Cockerell
By observing body behaviour and language, you can glean a vast amount of information on the truth of what is being said.
By Stephen Millington
Australian companies should institute a compliant and comprehensive whistleblower policy to give protection to employees.
By Nelvin Tam, Anh Nguyen
The assessment of loss in a shareholder class action often depends on how lawyers, on behalf of claimants, frame damages.
By Andrew Ross
The principles of value established in this native title case could also relate to other intangible personal rights.
By Berrick Wilson, Brad Bennett, Paul Mirams, Sam Woods, Tom Davis
This Property exposures update is a snapshot of APRA's property exposures data on commercial and residential sectors.
By Nigel Carson
Any device connecting to the internet to listen or see is a potential spying device, allowing strangers into your home.
By Craig Macaulay
In a recent UK case, the metadata of a photo proved to be a vital piece of evidence in shaping the outcome of the case.
By Andrew Ross
This article considers the implications and admissibility of expert opinions in joint reports and concurrent evidence.
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