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By Jocelyn-Rose Brogan
Parents frequently allow their children to play at neighbouring properties.
By David M. Rogers
Punitive damage awards are commonplace in sexual abuse claims.
By Brian Sunohara
Elevator accidents in Ontario are fortunately rare. When such accidents do occur, finger-pointing often ensues. However, as a recent court decision shows, sometimes no one is to blame.
By David M. Rogers
There are a number of important milestones for a parent who is raising a child. Many of these milestones are celebrated with great joy.
By Kevin Adams, Sara Baum, Student-at-Law
When compelling an applicant to attend an EUO, the insurer, among other things, must provide the applicant with notice.
By Stephen G. Ross, Colleen Mackeigan
This paper seeks to explore an emerging area in education law, specifically, the right and ability of students to sue educational institutions in court for a compromised education.
By Alon Barda
The appropriate test for causation in statutory accident benefits ("SABs") matters has been the subject of much confusion in recent years.
By Christine Lau
This time last year, a rare five-member panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal rendered a decision in Douglas v. Stan Fergusson Fuels Ltd. The decision involved the intersection of subrogation and bankruptcy law.
By Tom Macmillan
The courts and litigants continue to grapple with the evolving implications of after-the-event insurance ("ATE insurance").
By Brian Sunohara

In Cannito v. Madison Properties Inc., 2018 ONSC 6190, the plaintiff went to a plaza in Toronto, Ontario and tripped and fell in the parking lot. She sued the owner of the property.

Immediately after the accident, the plaintiff did not know what caused her to fall. However, approximately two weeks later,

By Brian Sunohara
In 2049390 Ontario Inc. v. Leung, 2018 ONSC 5759, the plaintiff sued its insurance broker for $1.8 million following a fire at a commercial property in Toronto, Ontario. The claim was dismissed.
By Alon Barda, Colleen Mackeigan
In Abyan v. Sovereign General Insurance Company (FSCO A16-003657, September 14, 2017), Arbitrator Dory found two provisions of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule to be unconstitutional ...
By Sara Baum, Student-at-Law
In Childs v. Desormeaux, 2006 SCC 18, the leading case on social host liability, the Supreme Court of Canada found that no duty of care existed where an intoxicated guest left a party, got in their car, ...
By Stephen G. Ross, Meryl Rodrigues
Since the release of the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision in Westerhof v. Gee Estate[2], there had been little judicial consideration of the role of participant experts within the framework for the admissibility of expert evidence generally.
By Brian Sunohara
A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal may cause counsel and litigants to think twice before proceeding with a summary judgment motion.