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By Mike Hollinger
Dentons Canada collaborated with Globalive Media to produce an eight-part video series featuring clients from emerging growth and venture technology companies across the country.
By Ryan Middleton
Blockchain is a polarizing technology – some people argue that it is all hype and lacks true use cases; while others are convinced that it will radically revolutionize certain areas
By Michael Hurst, Dan Collins, Hazel Saffery, Joe Sebestyen
In April 2018, the NDP government of British Columbia introduced Bill 15: Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Statutes Amendment Act, 2018, which, among other things, gave the Oil and Gas Commission
By Adrian Elmslie, Barbara Johnston QC, Benjamin Young
On May 27, 2019, the recently-elected United Conservative Party (UCP) Government introduced Bill 2 (An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business) to the Provincial Legislature.
By Henry J. Chang
Section 193.1 of the Cannabis Act1 will authorize the legal sale of "edibles containing cannabis" and "cannabis concentrates."
By Kathryn McCulloch, Rachael Andrew
Few judicial decisions exist in Canada relating to the operation of drones or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). In R v. Shah, the Provincial Court of Alberta released its decision
By Aaron Milrad, Gloria Wang
The Heffel Gallery Limited v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 FC 605 decision (Heffel), rendered by the Federal Court in June 2018 was a historical art law decision that divided the art community
By Lorena Harris, Amjad Khadhair
On May 13, 2019, the Honourable Justice W.N. Renke of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta released his decision in Day v. Woodburn ...
By Ann Bigué, Bernard Roth
Даже простые на первый взгл
By Henry J. Chang
In April 2019, the media reported that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had denied the naturalization applications of at least two lawful permanent residents who had worked for state-licensed cannabis businesses in the State of Colorado.
By Henry J. Chang
There are numerous grounds of inadmissibility contained in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 1 (IRPA). However, this article will focus on the grounds of criminal inadmissibility described in A36.
By Ari Sorek
On April 8, 2019, the federal government introduced Bill C 97, An Act to Implement Certain Provisions of the Budget Tabled in Parliament On March 19, 2019 and Other Measures.
By Eric Foster, James Wishart, Scott Rozansky, Shea Coulson
On May 8, 2019, Health Canada, the body responsible for administering federal cannabis licences, announced a major change in the application process for granting licences to cultivate or process cannabis...
By Katarzyna Sliwa, Aaron Kurts
Earlier today, Ontario's Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, announced the Government's Housing Supply Action Plan: "More Homes, More Choice" (the Plan),
By Cristina Wendel
The Alberta Court of Appeal recently revisited the question of directors' personal liability for injuries sustained in a workplace incident.
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