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By Andrew Probert, Carlita Bloecker
There was no legal professional privilege over the Investigation Report as dominant purpose was to determine liability.
By Stuart Hetherington
The inadequate passage plan caused the casualty and owners failed to exercise due diligence to make the vessel seaworthy.
By Melissa Fenton, Sarah Roper
What happens when the expert ventures outside the realm of specialised knowledge?
By Stuart Hetherington
Does cargo seized by local authorities causing a delay fall under the definition of government interferences in the contract?
By Melissa Fenton, Maddison Ives
This case discusses when a risk will be "obvious" within the meaning of section 5L of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).
By Bob Miljevic, Brianna Clark
Councils' power to ignore a private covenant may be good news for property developers in New South Wales.
By Paul O'Halloran, Nicole Radzaj
Schools can have a duty of care to protect students from wrongful behaviours of teachers that occur outside school hours.
By Greg McCann
Article recommends you conduct a risk assessment at your solar construction project to eliminate or control the identified risks.
By Paul O'Halloran
Article highlights the importance of a carefully considered and drafted restraint of trade clause in a contract of employment.
By Carlos Gouveia
Employers only need to make super contributions in respect of earnings for ordinary hours at ordinary rates of pay.
By Hamish Ratten, Toby Blyth
The focus has returned to cryptocurrency, with Facebook's announcement of an intention to establish its Libra platform.
By Paul O'Halloran
Employers should be aware of, and seek advice about, these changes to workplace laws that commenced on 1 July 2019.
By Stuart Hetherington
The UK Supreme Court decision on the SCOPIC charges in the "RENOS" appeal case may be good news for hull insurers.
By Megan Bowe
It is inconsistent with the objects of the Fair Work Act to limit the number of employees to make an enterprise agreement.
By Stuart Hetherington
Freight forwarders should ensure that their rights are protected, pursuant to the terms of the carrier's bill of lading.
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