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By Ernest van Buuren, Jacob Smit
Creditors in the shipping industry with a maritime claim can secure their claims relatively easily by arresting a ship.
By Philip Roche, Jack Longden
In these specific circumstances, the UK court applied the narrow channel rule, and the crossing rule was disapplied.
By Marie Kelly, Jason Lemann
The timing of strategic steps may significantly impact the balance of power between parties and can make or break a case.
By Samantha Maddern
Public companies and large proprietary companies are now required to have a compliant whistleblowing policy by 2020.
By Eleanor Martin
Investors, banks and companies active in the shipping sector should update transactions using LIBOR which run past 2021.
By Jeffrey Cottle, Kim Caine, Manny Levitt
The new sanctions aim to deny Iranian revenue derived through the export of iron, steel, aluminium, and copper products.
By Isobel Taylor, Georgina Hey
The European Union Parliament recently adopted a controversial new "Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market".
By Helen Macpherson, Isobel Taylor
With the rise of digital technologies and mining of big data, CIIs are increasingly utilised in a range of industries.
By Rebecca Brenikov, Alyson Poole
Social media posts are subject to the same legislation as publications and content made through traditional channels.
By Rebecca Brenikov, Frances Drummond
This decision highlights the need for thorough IP due diligence whether you are purchasing or selling a company.
By Isobel Taylor, Georgina Hey
Article considers the outcome of two recent copyright infringement cases brought against an Australian online marketplace.
By Katherine Morris, Daniel MacMahon
Article examines 2 key recommendations in the report which reflect the changing health and safety regulatory environment,
By Elisa de Wit, Noni Shannon, Francis Meehan, Laura Jayne Waterford
Article outlines the main climate change policy announcements of the Australian political parties.
By Nick Abrahams
Here is what happened at one of the biggest technology events in the world and what we can expect from technology in the future.
By Elisa de Wit, Rebecca Hoare, Noni Shannon
This legal update summarises some of the recent climate change cases, highlighting key trends, developments and lessons.
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