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By Monique Loveday
Recent Family Law case is a good reminder that the law is quite specific when it comes to expert evidence.
By Michael Byrnes
FWC has criticised applicants who commence unfair dismissal proceedings, then do not take steps to prosecute their claim.
By Richard Ottley, Emily Capener
The article examines employer compliance with consultation requirements in the context of redundancy and unfair dismissal.
By Marc Baddams
These amendments will need to be understood by all who enter into construction contracts in NSW from 21 October 2019.
By Richard Ottley
Article looks at three recent court decisions which discuss factors impacting upon certainty of deeds of release.
By Marc Baddams, Sean Greenwood
Article discusses when companies can sue for defamation &/or injurious falsehood as well as other forms of relief & defences.
By Sean Greenwood, Marc Baddams
Article describes Security for Costs (SFC), when you are entitled to SFC & how to obtain SFC eg against not resident plaintiffs.
By Richard Ottley, Michael Byrnes
This case required an analysis of the FWA in relation to the accumulation and payment of (paid) personal/carer's leave.
By Michael Byrnes
Key points and initial observations regarding the Religious Discrimination Bill.
By Richard Ottley
Article looks at factors which may impact upon the certainty and durability of deeds of release and provides 3 case examples.
By Michael Byrnes
The Banerji case relates to the use of tweets or social media by a Commonwealth public servant about government policies.
By Eric Ziehlke
Article explains that, with or without a deal, there is likely to be an orderly transition of IP rights between EU & UK.
By Helen Kowal
Interview with building consultant about issues in the construction industry, in particular the high rate of building defects.
By Annette Wilson
The least expensive way to resolve family law matters is to discuss them with your ex-partner and try to reach agreement.
By Angela Harvey, Emily Capener
Where a family provision claim is made on a small or moderate estate, it can be difficult to justify costs of litigation.
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