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Carey Olsen
By Michael Hanson, Keith Robinson, Mary V. Ward, Ashley Fife, Adam Bathgate, Cheri Minors, Jay Webster
Bermuda continues to be a preferred jurisdiction in which to establish and maintain family offices. Bermuda's regulatory regime carefully balances privacy with the objective of ensuring appropriate
By Bernadette Carey, Jarrod Farley, Richard Munden, Brian Jacomb
We have deep understanding of the complexity surrounding the legal, business and personal aspects of running a family office in the Cayman Islands.
By Alistair Russell
This briefing note provides a brief overview for lenders and onshore practitioners on the who, how, what, when and why of capital call security perfection in the Cayman Islands.
By Michael Hanson, Mary V. Ward, Henry Tucker, Gavin Woods
In a judgment likely to have wide-ranging implications for local companies subject to the "60/40 Rule", the Privy Council has held that local companies may confer upon non-Bermudians...
By Siobhan Riley, Stephen Fitzgerald, Julie Currie
This Jersey pensions update includes the latest news in relation to: a proposed pensions regulatory regime; approved pension schemes
By Nick Bullmore, Jarrod Farley, Richard Munden, Alistair Russell, Jasmine Amaria
The Cayman Islands, along with many other jurisdictions, has been required by the OECD to introduce economic substance requirements.
By Bernadette Carey, Graham Stoute
Approved by the Legislative Assembly on March 8 2019, and gazetted on 15 May 2019, the Trusts (Amendment) Law 2019 (the "Amendment Law") amends the Trusts Law...
By Robin Smith (Jersey), Alistair Russell, Emma German
Despite being a relatively long-standing lending product, until very recently there had been no public payment defaults by funds in the fund finance space, and consequently, no test cases to discuss or examine.
By Keith Robinson, Ashley Fife, Cheri Minors
In the Matter of the H Trust [2019] SC (Bda) 27 Com (30 April 2019), the Supreme Court of Bermuda delivered an important judgment
By Chris Hutley-Hurst
Like other offshore jurisdictions, Guernsey has implemented legislative economic substance requirements, which came into force on 1 January 2019,
By Christopher Anderson
Carey Olsen Partner Christopher Anderson, with the support of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), has created the world's first hybrid vehicle for Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) fund managers.
By Annette Alexander, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Boyce, Tom Carey (Guernsey), David Crosland, Tony Lane, Chris Hutley-Hurst, Ben Morgan (Guernsey)
This document summarises certain key aspects of Guernsey taxation law for the calendar year 2019.
By Annette Alexander, Christopher Anderson, Andrew Boyce, Tom Carey (Guernsey), David Crosland, Tony Lane, Ben Morgan (Guernsey), Chris Hutley-Hurst
Guernsey does not levy any form of capital gains tax, inheritance tax or value added tax. No stamp or document duty, or transfer tax, is payable in respect of companies,
By Keith Robinson, Adam Bathgate, Ashley Fife, Henry Tucker, Cheri Minors
Bermuda's central register of beneficial ownership information is held on the Bermuda Monetary Authority's (BMA) "Integra portal", a secure online registration and filing system.
By Nick Bullmore, Tom Carey (Guernsey), Alistair Russell, Robin Smith (Jersey), Elizabeth Killeen, Adam Bathgate
Fintech is changing the way banking and financial services businesses are operating at an incredible pace.
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