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By Catherine Ballantyne
The Victorian County Court recently held that a landlord cannot hold a tenant's goods until outstanding rent is paid.
By Catherine Ballantyne
What is the fine line between someone sharing their honest opinion in the review and that review becoming defamatory?
By Catherine Ballantyne
When selling a business, these key points may minimise the risk of being sued and avoid a lengthy and expensive dispute.
By James Christodoulakis
New economic entitlement regime in Victoria greatly increases the number of arrangements that are now subject to duty.
By Rohan Ingleton
A tenant usually has the right to have a terminated lease reinstated, if the breach is remedied with any extra charges.
By Jen Severn
Retrospective legislation relating to sunset dates in off-the-plan contracts of sale has come into effect in Victoria.
By Catherine Ballantyne
This case highlighted the need to ensure that evidence can support an allegation of misuse of confidential information.
Article contains a link to a legal guide for business investment and expansion in Australia.
By Catherine Ballantyne
The liquidators sought the guidance of the Court and then appealed it; therefore, took the appeal at their own risk.
By Nicola Carnevale
Under the Australian Consumer Law, agents may be liable where that information is considered misleading or deceptive.
By Rohan Ingleton
If a landlord leases plant and equipment to a tenant, it is responsible for repair and maintenance or total replacement.
By Nicola Carnevale
A disclaimer is only one factor that points to whether or not a person has engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct.
By James Christodoulakis, Carmel Moorhead
Developers should consider new GST withholding laws when entering into instalment contracts for residential property.
By James Christodoulakis
When entering into an instalment contract for new residential premises, purchasers should consider GST withholding laws.
By Dudley Kneller
This whitepaper explores the effect that the Google GDPR decision will have on data protection for Australian companies.
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