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By Haoyu Zhou, Hui Liu
In order to improve the patent quality, the Chinese Patent Office (CNIPA) made a series of policies to cut down patent subsidization and strike down abnormal patent applications.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
Article 6 of the current Chinese patent law defines "service invention-creation" and the ownership thereof. Specifically, it provides that:
By Hui Wang, Xu Li
May 2016, Plaintiffs Beijing Qihu technology co. LTD and Qizhi software (Beijing) co. LTD sued Beijing Jiangmin technology co. LTD on the grounds of infringement of their design patent "computer with GUI", ...
By Haoyu Zhou
It was known for many years that the Chinese government provided policies for subsidizing patent applications.
By Hui Wang
Having received over 1 million invention patent applications last year, China has become the leading patent filing country in the world.
By Zunxia Li, Lindong Liu
On March 22, 2016, the Supreme People's Court of China(SPC) published a new judicial interpretation "Several Issues Concerning Application of Law in the Trial of Cases involving Patent Infringement Disputes (Part II)" (hereinafter referred to as "New Judicial Interpretation"), which took effect from April 1, 2016.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
This practice has been adopted by SIPO for some years.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
Evidence for determining illegal profits is generally withheld by the infringer and difficult to obtain in China, as the infringer would normally refuse to provide such evidence so that it can avoid bearing damages and infringing liabilities.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
The plaintiff, Beijing Watchdata Group (hereafter Watchdata), filed a suit with the Beijing IP Court in February of 2015, alleging the defendant, Hengbao Co., Ltd. (hereafter Hengbao) of infringing its invention Patent No. 2005101055021 titled 'A Physical Authentication Method and an Electronic Device'.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
TiKeDi Center is a subsidiary company of Shanghai Cuihui, which was the exclusive agency in China of the German company TKD Kabel GmbH (hereafter referred to as TKD Kabel).
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
Following the New Judicial Interpretation on Patent Infringement by the Supreme Court of last year, we see change in court's way of allocating burden of production. Please refer to the following for detailed information.
By Xiaoming Liu
Before the Beijing IP Court was set up in November 2014, all trademark lawsuits against TRAB needed to be filed with the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court.
By CHOFN Intellectual Property
On June 22, 2016, Guangzhou IP Court granted a preliminary injunction to French designer brand Christian Louboutin per its request, ordering Guangzhou Verteam Trade Co., Ltd. (hereafter Verteam) to stop manufacturing, selling and offering for sale nine infringing lipsticks ..
By Xiaoming Liu
The Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) received nearly 2.9 million new trademark applications in 2015, ranking No.1 in the world for 14 consecutive years.
By Zunxia Li
Patent infringement litigation has its own unique characteristics and technical complexities, and the key to success is to choose the appropriate litigation strategy.