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By Zachary Lamb
Businesses trying to grow through the stage where they're too big to be small businesses, but not large enough to be big businesses, must focus on four key factors to be successful.
By Ward And Smith, P.A.
Going to college is expensive, but we're thrilled to support ways to make higher education a little more affordable.
By Jennifer V. Boyer, Richard J. Crow
You may not run a global media conglomerate, but even closely held business owners (and perhaps especially closely held family business owners) can find themselves in a bind if they fail ...
By Melissa Forshey Schwind, Amy Wang
Diversity, to us, recognizes and values the differences in people. Often, people think of diversity as one particular characteristic or trait, but it's much broader than that.
By Lance Martin
For fiscal year 2018, the SBA made over $24 billion in loans under the 7(a) program and just under $5 billion in 504 loans.
By Chris Edwards
A Notice of Appeal must "designate the judgment or order from which appeal is taken." But what might seem clear on its face isn't always so clear in practice.
By Tyler J. Russell, Allen N. Trask, III
That dearth of guidance has, to some degree, left individual states to wrestle with how best to regulate and control the production and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products
By Merrill Jones, II, Zachary Lamb
Business succession and estate plans are made based on circumstances existing at the time they are put in place.
By Tyler J. Russell, Allen N. Trask, III
Much of the regulatory "attention" regarding cannabidiol ("CBD") has been, understandably, focused on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA").
By Emily G. Massey
While situations and factors differ from business to business and employee to employee, there are common questions that are frequently asked. Labor and employment attorney
By Michael J. Parrish
Many Eastern North Carolina residents are taking the right precautions to protect their families, businesses, and property as Hurricane Dorian pushes through our state
By Adam Beaudoin
You just purchased your first home in a planned community and became a member of a community association. For a detailed understanding
By Allen N. Trask, III
The unavailability of crop insurance for hemp has long been a source of frustration and risk for growers in North Carolina, especially
By Ward And Smith, P.A.
With it comes traditions that make it so much fun, such as getting decked out in your favorite team's colors and sharing your team spirit with like-minded sports fanatics. And next month,
By Tyler J. Russell
On August 26, 2019, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (or "DEA") issued a public notice that formally – and, finally!
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