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By Mark Craig
The addresses are held on an online public database that can be accessed by anyone worldwide without pre-registration.
By Victoria McMeel, Edward Smith
No significant fines or sanctions have yet been imposed in the UK on any organisation for breaching the GDPR.
By Martin Palmer
The first sentence of the paragraph immediately above is consistent with authority on the source of interest, but the second sentence is not.
By Alex Butler
Directors in the UK owe a number of statutory duties which must be remembered in the context of a plan to implement a group restructure.
By Victoria McMeel
To be an employer of choice and retain the best staff it is crucial that employers recognise the importance of the mental wellbeing of their entire workforce and not just for those employees who are already receiving help.
By Declan Goodwin
With the introduction of the GDPR, 2018 was a very busy year for data protection compliance. Many businesses from all sectors left updating their GDPR compliance programs later than they would have liked.
By Victoria McMeel
Organisations are increasingly looking to implement agile working practices as a way to mitigate expensive property overheads and to boost employee productivity and morale.
By Amanda Barnes
In recent years concerns have been voiced around the importance of anti-money laundering (AML) procedures within the property sector.
By Martin Palmer
On 6 April 2016, the United Kingdom became the first EU and OECD country to enact legislation requiring every UK registered private company to create a register of "people with significant control", ...
By Daniel Murray
It replaces the QCA's Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Size Quoted Companies 2013.
By Krystyna Ferguson
In the world of corporate governance, diversity of the board of directors is a topic that receives considerable attention.
By Simon Bates
With all the recent focus on GDPR as the big area of legal compliance, it is easy to forget and overlook other important areas - competition law being one of them.
By Victoria McMeel, Dana Ewans
Do you know the employment status of your workforce? Many employers would probably answer a confident "yes" to the above question.
By Adam Wadsley
As we all know, mistakes happen, and a common one is the filing of documents that contain errors or give more information than was intended.
By Helen Basgallop
Organisations such as those in the property sector, can be more prone to targeted money laundering. What is it that makes them so attractive to potential money-launderers?
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