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By Philip Cupitt
Artificial intelligence ("AI") is one of the most exciting technologies of our time. Although AI has been a field of research for over sixty years, it is only in recent years
By Peter Heins
"Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come." – Henry Ford, 1940.
By David Robinson
The latest EPO report highlights how much emerging technology is reshaping the industry and for companies wishing to define the next generation of manufacturing,
By Graeme Murray
The protection and enforcement of trade marks is essential to all businesses
By Marks & Clerk
Welcome to the latest edition of Business Intelligence. To view the online version of this magazine, please follow this link.
By Simon Portman
Accountancy firm RSM reported that the number of new tech start-ups in the UK grew 14 per cent last year.
By Rebecca Campbell
This case concerns the "Heks'nkaas" spreadable cream-cheese dip produced by spreadable cream-cheese dip produced by Dutch company Levola Hengelo BV.
By Mike Gilbert, Jonathan Stafford
In a long awaited decision, the UK Supreme Court (Lord Hodge giving the speech on behalf of a unanimous panel) has dismissed ICOS's appeal against the Court of Appeal's decision.
By Claire Hutson
AI is posing unique challenges to tech companies. Claire Hutson from Marks & Clerk shares why a strong portfolio of trade marks is essential for any firms involved with AI.
By Simon Portman
Virtual reality used to be associated solely with entertainment (mainly games) and the provision of virtual walk-throughs and immersive environments for product designers, architects, archaeologists
By Will Arends
The latest LSX Investor Perception Survey offers an interesting snapshot into current thinking amongst the life-sciences investment community.
By Giles Pinnington, Rebecca Lovell
Intellectual property (IP) rights are intangible assets which protect ideas and brand value.
By John Ferdinand, Graeme Murray
The production company behind the Peaky Blinders TV show has taken issue with the existence of an unofficial Peaky Blinders themed bar in Manchester.
By David Murray
Two high profile decisions in the EU and USA have recently highlighted the important role that evidence of trademark use plays in the maintenance and acquisition of trademark rights.
By Tom Farrand
With the planned date for the UK's departure from the EU getting closer, the Government has published further guidance as to how a ‘no-deal Brexit' might impact trade mark law here.
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