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By Herzog Fox & Neeman
The IIA and Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Economy are calling multinationals and Israeli corporations to submit bid proposals, to form and operate an Environmental and Sustainability...
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
On January 17, 2019, Israel and the UK signed a significant Amending Protocol to the 1962 Income Tax Treaty between the two contracting States.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
Prohibition of Money Laundering Order (Identification, Reporting and Record-Keeping Requirements of Financial Services Providers to Prevent Money Laundering and Terror Financing) (Amendment), 5778-2018
By Ariel Yosefi
We are pleased to present the latest edition of our monthly Technology & Regulation Client Update...
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
The protocol's aim is to assist companies in managing and controlling how they handle and share users' personal data.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
The CNIL states that the GDPR applies to the use of blockchain in any instance where personal data is handled.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
According to the report, another misconception is that blockchain networks lack control and ownership.
By Karen Elburg, Adar Bengom (Ortal), Jenia Melkhior
On December 31, 2018, the Registrar of Patents published updates to the two circulars of the Registrar dealing with changes in the trademarks and patents books.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
An enforcement notice filed by the Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") against AggregateIQ Data Services Ltd ("AIQ"), a Canadian data analytics firm, has been revealed by a data protection specialist.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") has issued a press release and an investigative report, which caution public companies to consider cyber threats when implementing internal accounting controls.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
A new Bill, which bans the use of undeclared bots during elections ("the Bill"), has been signed by the Governor of California.
By Herzog Fox & Neeman
If necessary, our transfer-pricing experts will be able to assist in this often complex matter.
By Talya Solomon, Iris Achmon
For the first time, The Israeli Antitrust Authority allows self-assessment of the competitive effects of horizontal agreements.
By Karen Elburg, Adar Bengom (Ortal), Jenia Melkhior
On January 1, 2019, the Knesset approved Amendment No. 5 to Israel's Copyright Law, 2007 (respectively, the "Amendment" and the "Law").
By Iris Achmon, Talya Solomon
This update concerns major changes in Israeli competition laws, passed by way of fast-track legislation in light of the coming elections in Israel.