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By Devan Marr
In what can only be described as a Pyrrhic victory, a recent Ontario Superior Court summary judgment decision highlights the employment risks present in temporary lay-offs during a business downtown.
By Julianne Brimfield
Mr. Demetriou claimed he was robbed of a $550,000.00 ring (a family heirloom) that he was wearing on a gold chain around his neck while walking alone on a beach in Punta Cana.
By Julianne Brimfield
Punitive damages were awarded against AIG in the amount of $50,000.00.
By Daniel Strigberger
In Ferro v. Weiner, the late Enid Weiner owned a house on Lake Eugenia.
By Laura Emmett
The Plaintiff suffered injuries after tripping on a speed bump in a parking lot owned by the Defendant.
By Fiona Brown
This case involves an accident at QK Fitness ("QK") when the plaintiff, Fatemeh Hosseinkhani (the "plaintiff"), tripped and fell on a dumbbell during a gym class.
By Gabe Flatt
Limitation periods continue to be a hot topic in the context of disability benefits. A recently released Divisional Court decision seems to have shed a little light on this matter.
By Krista M. Groen
The Ontario Court of Appeal concurrently released two eagerly awaited decisions that speak to the interplay between tort damage awards and statutory accident benefits (SABs) ...
By Shalini Thomas
The Defendant, Ceeps-Barneys Limited ("the Ceeps"), is a popular pub / sports bar beloved by students of Western University (past and present).
By Stas Bodrov
I met Logan when we were presenters at a Cyber Security Conference in Toronto. Our interests intersected and we decided to enlighten business owners about cybersecurity developments in Canada.
By Devan Marr
Long-term disability ("LTD") coverage is often a key benefit employees derive from their employment.
By Lisa Armstrong
The Divisional Court has confirmed that the limitation period set out in the Insurance Act and the SABS falls within the category of "hard" limitations periods, which are triggered by a fixed...
By Suzanne Armstrong
Counsel from TTC's in-house department had hastily submitted materials in response to a late motion by the Applicant's counsel.
By Devan Marr
The recent decision of Van Huizen v. Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, reinforces that Courts have little interest in protracted coverage battles between parties.
By Stas Bodrov
In Miglialo v. Royal Bank of Canada, the Federal Court considered an application where Ms. Miglialo claimed damages between $100,000 to $250,000 based on allegations that RBC ...