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By Essenese Obhan, Mehak Dhingra
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are key drivers of economic growth, and the Government of India has been especially cognizant of their demands and concerns
By Essenese Obhan, Aparna Kareer
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of India, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Ashima Obhan, Nishtha Jaisingh
It is a fairly reasonable assumption to make that the famous or rather infamous relationship between law and morality would not apply to the commercial world of contractual arrangements.
By Essensee Obhan, Aparna Kareer
Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of India, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Essenese Obhan, Aparna Kareer, Sapna Sharma
New rules for patent filing were introduced in India recently, which have made the application process considerably easier
By Ashima Obhan
The relevance of teachers in shaping young minds is immeasurable. A good teacher goes beyond textbooks, and can be instrumental in shaping a person's opinion, values and much more.
By Essenese Obhan, Vivek Atwal
An application for a patent can be filed by a ‘true and first inventor', or the inventor's assignee. In cases where the application is filed by the assignee,
By Ashima Obhan, Akanksha Dua
The scope of public internet that started back in the 1980s has grown over the decades. It allows a telecom subscriber to access almost all the services required for information, ...
By Essenese Obhan, Mehak Dhingra
The Government of India has proposed a slew of amendments to the rules governing Geographical Indications.
By Essenese Obhan, Aastha Sharma
In a major decision that is likely to impact evergreening of pharmaceutical patents in India, the Delhi High Court vacated interim injunctions granted to AstraZeneca
By Ashima Obhan, Vrinda Patodia
Contractual lease provisions are freely negotiable in India. In the absence of a contract to the contrary, the Transfer of Property Act 1882 ("TOPA") ...
By Ashima Obhan, Shivam Patanjali
It has been well established that consent from parties is a prerequisite to an arbitration.This characteristic of an arbitration ensures that it is only the parties to an arbitration agreement that
By Ashima Obhan, Taarika Pillai
The Delhi High Court recently restrained multiple e-commerce platforms from selling, offering to sell, advertising, or displaying products in breach of third party agreements.
By Ashima Obhan, Nishtha Jaisingh
In the past few years, ‘panama' and ‘paradise', rather than signalling sunshine and rainbows, have been frequently evoked in the context of the ‘shell corporations' which were incorporated in various
By Essenese Obhan, Neha Khanduri
Evidence from DNA fingerprinting tests can be used to determine disputes involving plant varieties, according to a recent decision of the Delhi High Court. In its recent judgment
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