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By Karl Mackie
In the maelstrom that is the Brexit process, the potential loss of a minor piece of ADR historical affiliation may seem like a small matter.
By Andy Rogers
One of the great features of commercial mediation is that the process can be adapted to work in many different circumstances.
By Ana Virginia Bauder
I have just witnessed in Colombia the violent aggression and brutal forces used against the Venezuelans a few days ago
By Graham Massie
Now obviously the main purpose of this post is to gloat about my being in Barbados to consult on ADR development.
By Frederick Way
I recently got back from a fun 5 days judging and mediating at the International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition in Paris.
By Felicity Steadman
The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU, as endorsed by leaders at a special meeting of the European Council on 25 November 2018, were put before the UK parliament for a vote on the 15 January 2019.
By Susanne Schuler
Current conflicts around the world, such as those in Syria, Crimea and Yemen, have huge challenges in finding a resolution
By Philip Williams
I came across a timely article by Harvard Business School Professor, Deepak Malhotra, entitled "I'm an Expert on negotiations and I have some advice for Theresa May."
By Ned Collier
In order for businesses to grow in today's world, should they place greater importance on purpose?
By Susanne Schuler
Which of the 2 qualities is more impactful when influencing someone: Warmth or Competence?
By Graham Massie
With Artificial Intelligence starting to emerge as one of the world-changing technologies of the next decade
By Karl Mackie
I suppose I could claim to be a leading expert in ‘failed negotiations', because as a commercial mediator sadly we are too often called in to rescue a negotiation from deadlock,impasse and frustration
By Ned Collier
"Since its launch, the Declaration has proved not only a beacon of hope internationally but also a statement of standards against which numerous breaches of human rights have been measured since 1948.
By Andy Rogers
CEDR welcomes the new report on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from the ADR Working Group of the Civil Justice Council (CJC) of England & Wales.
By Tony Allen
Tony Allen Senior Consultant to CEDR explains what this means for the requirement for written signed agreements for a binding mediated settlement.